AI and Digital Promise: Transforming Education and Bridging Equity Divides

by | Dec 14, 2023

In the ever-changing field of education, technology is essential for learning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has great potential to transform education and promote fairness. Digital Promise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing education through technology, leads the way in using AI to address fairness gaps and support educators.

Digital Promise’s Digital Equity initiative focuses on making sure all learners have access to high-quality education, regardless of their background. By using AI, Digital Promise aims to bridge gaps in availability, affordability, and adoption of educational resources and tools. While recognizing AI’s potential to revolutionize learning, Digital Promise is also aware that it may perpetuate existing inequalities. So, the organization is committed to developing processes, practices, and resources that help educators understand AI and use it in powerful learning experiences.

AI can have a big impact in areas like math and English Language Arts. It can recognize patterns and help students understand homonyms. Through automation, AI can offer personalized feedback and support to students, improving their learning experience. This also allows educators to tailor their instruction to meet each student’s needs.

Digital Promise also emphasizes learning pathways that connect classroom instruction to AI. These pathways provide consistent opportunities for students to develop skills in AI-related fields. By integrating AI into the curriculum, students are better prepared for careers where AI will play a role.

AI literacy is important for educators to understand and use AI effectively. Digital Promise provides professional learning experiences that help educators gain AI literacy and apply emerging technology in their classrooms. Through these experiences, educators learn to create inclusive learning environments that benefit from AI.

To ensure equal access to AI literacy, Digital Promise is developing comprehensive resources that address the appropriate use and timing of AI, historical context, biases, data privacy, equitable access, and environmental and labor considerations. By providing these resources, Digital Promise ensures that AI is used responsibly and ethically.

Collaboration is at the heart of Digital Promise’s work. The organization partners with learning scientists, designers, and practitioners to create accessible content for educators working towards digital equity. These partnerships help create resources that are relevant and practical for closing the digital divide.

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology recently released a policy report on AI and its impact on teaching and learning. This report is a valuable resource for educators, policymakers, and stakeholders to understand the opportunities and challenges of AI in education.

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, in collaboration with Digital Promise, play a crucial role in advancing digital equity. These schools provide resources and support to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds have the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the digital age.

Digital Promise remains committed to addressing fairness gaps and supporting educators through their Digital Equity initiative. By empowering educators with AI literacy and using AI in the classroom, Digital Promise is creating a more inclusive and fair education system.

In summary, Digital Promise’s dedication to using AI in education shows the transformative power of technology. By addressing fairness gaps, providing resources for AI literacy, and promoting inclusive learning environments, Digital Promise is shaping a future where all learners have equal opportunities. Through collaborations and partnerships, they are driving change and using AI to advance educational equity.