Our unique approach gives an average time to market of 4 weeks from initial idea to working product.

“Fantastic quality and speed of execution” … creativeguru team.


DataFort will transform your ideas into reality with our Agile Mobile App Development service.

Covering Android, iOS, and Microsoft Store Apps, we ensure your product excels on every platform. Our standout feature is our rapid delivery approach, moving swiftly from concept to market-ready product while guaranteeing a fixed cost.

We streamline your app’s entry into the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store, making the process seamless.

Trust us to deliver an engaging, cross-platform mobile app that leaves a lasting, positive impact on your business.

Leveraging a mobile app empowers businesses to enhance customer engagement, offering a direct and personalised communication channel.

It not only boosts customer satisfaction but also drives business growth and sales.

For todays company a mobile app is a “must have” tool in their communications channel.

Customer Engagement

Deliver your services or information in a form convenient to the customer when they’re on the move. Nobody appreciates trying to navigate a conventional web-page when they’re out and about. A mobile app tailored to the features and benefits offered by modern smartphones will deliver a better all around experience for the customer and much higher sales engagement.


Engineers or sales teams in the field need to be able to capture and retrieve information in a fluid, easy to use manner. Mobile apps, whether on a smartphone or tablet offer a secure and efficient way to keep your team productive in the field.





Integrated geolocation is just one of the ways that a dedicated mobile application can enhance the experience of the users of your service. Whether informing them of offers nearby, other users of the service, or simply pinging back to the home base. Geolocation and other enhanced capabilities make your service stand out to your customers.


Whether you’re delivering real-time data, product updates, or social interactions. One of the real strengths of mobile app technology is the ability to push the data to the customers device. 

No more missing updates or losing opportunities now your customers and team can get the data they need, when they need it. Leading to more engagement and more business.


Partnering with DataFort, you leverage over two decades of proven success in crafting solutions tailored for UK businesses. Our UK-based team possesses a keen insight into the nuanced cultural distinctions that can elevate an app from merely functional to truly engaging, ensuring it resonates with your user base and enhances your business operations.

Should the need arise for direct support, DataFort is poised to promptly dispatch an engineer to your location, guaranteeing a profound comprehension of your needs and facilitating the delivery of an outstanding product.

Reach out today to discover how DataFort can provide a superior mobile solution quickly and efficiently to propel your business forward.