Audio Artistry: Gavin Casey’s Captivating Fusion of Sound and Sensation

by | Sep 25, 2023

Experience the groundbreaking exhibition ‘Sound’ by accomplished artist Gavin Casey at the Riverbank Arts Centre. This solo exhibition merges color and sound in a unique way. It includes a virtual reality gallery, augmented reality encounters, and an original musical composition. Casey, a member of Visual Artist Ireland and Kildare Art Collective, explores the relationship between color and sound in his twenty-three captivating paintings at the McKenna Gallery.

In the VR gallery, eleven paintings come to life, offering an immersive experience. With Oculus Quest headsets provided by the Kildare Library Service, viewers can explore the brushstrokes and be surrounded by colors and textures. This virtual journey allows viewers to perceive art in new ways.

Renowned musician Rónán Ó Snodaigh has composed music specifically for one of Casey’s paintings. By scanning a QR code, visitors can access this fusion of auditory and visual stimulation. The music adds depth and emotion to the artwork.

Casey has also created an augmented reality experience using a camera filter. Visitors can activate this filter on their smartphones to see the paintings transform before their eyes. This interactive feature allows viewers to engage with the artworks on a new level.

Casey’s education in Advertising and Design helps him integrate technology into his artistic practice. His experience in the post-production industry influences his unique approach to art. By blending traditional painting techniques with technology, Casey pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.

Supported by the Kildare County Council Arts Service, ‘Sound’ showcases Casey’s talent and dedication to challenging traditional art forms. It celebrates innovation, creativity, and the transformative power of art. The exhibition invites visitors to embrace a new era of artistic expression.

The exhibition runs until October 27th. Whether you are an art enthusiast, lover of innovative experiences, or simply curious about the intersection of color and sound, ‘Sound’ offers an unforgettable journey into synesthetic art. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Gavin Casey’s ‘Sound’ exhibition and explore the blend of color and sound that challenges our perception of art. This exhibition invites us to experience art in a new light.