Augmented Reality Expert Revamps El Segundo into a Cutting-Edge Art Hub

by | Aug 26, 2023

El Segundo, a city known for supporting ambitious ideas and unconventional thinkers, is about to embark on an innovative artistic endeavor. Leading this journey is Christian Enriquez, a visionary Augmented Reality (AR) designer, who aims to transform El Segundo into an art hub by using cutting-edge technology. Through his company, Reality Experience Design, Enriquez wants to create immersive AR experiences that go beyond entertainment and encourage community engagement.

Enriquez’s interest in combining art and technology began while working at Trader Joe’s, where he saw how art could greatly impact the customer experience. With a degree in Interaction Design from Santa Monica College, Enriquez developed his skills in user experience (UX) and gained technical expertise in Zbrush, Github, and UI/UX flows.

However, his acceptance into the prestigious Snap Lens Academy, an AR program offering valuable knowledge and resources, was a turning point in Enriquez’s career. The academy played a significant role in the development of his groundbreaking Safe Space lens, an innovation designed to promote inclusivity and connection. Snap Inc., a leader in AR technology, noticed his lenses, which further fueled his passion for pushing the boundaries of AR.

Enriquez faced a significant challenge in bringing people together during the pandemic. Alongside his friend Di Xu, he used their technical skills to create a thriving virtual community at their college using platforms like Discord. They organized virtual movie nights, engaging Jack Box Games sessions, and even “Drink and Draw” nights, providing a sense of connection and normalcy during difficult times.

However, Enriquez’s vision goes beyond personal connections. He aims to make public art more accessible and discoverable for everyone. By using AR technology, Enriquez believes he can enhance the discoverability of public art in El Segundo. Imagine seeing murals come to life, engaging in interactive experiences, and seamlessly blending art, technology, and the physical world.

Enriquez’s AR expertise caught the attention of the El Segundo Art Walk (ESAW), an event that celebrates local art and culture. In collaboration with ESAW, Enriquez intends to enhance the Art Walk experience by incorporating AR technology. On August 26th, the event will feature an AR map and installation showcasing twelve pieces of public art. This collaboration demonstrates El Segundo’s commitment to supporting innovative projects and embracing AR as a new artistic medium.

Enriquez’s ultimate goal is to turn El Segundo into an AR city, where AR experiences are available everywhere. As AR hardware advances and becomes more affordable, the possibilities for integrating AR into everyday life are endless. The City of El Segundo has taken a bold step by embracing the AR Art Walk project, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the art and exhibition experience.

Enriquez’s work aligns with the words of renowned novelist William Gibson, who said, “The future is already here, but it is not evenly distributed.” AR technology has the power to reshape our world, but its impact depends on accessibility and integration. Enriquez firmly believes that the technology needed to create immersive AR experiences is already within reach, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes widely adopted.

Christian Enriquez’s journey as an AR designer is paving the way for El Segundo to become an innovative haven for art. His passion for merging art and technology, combined with his technical expertise, positions him as a trailblazer in the field. Through collaborations with the El Segundo Art Walk and the support of the City of El Segundo, Enriquez’s vision of an AR city is becoming a reality. As the boundaries between art and technology blur, El Segundo leads the way in embracing the limitless possibilities that AR offers.