Canadian Government Seeks Public Opinion on AI Copyright Issues

by | Oct 13, 2023

The Canadian government is seeking input on the legal and copyright aspects of generative artificial intelligence (AI). They recognize the need to address copyright concerns and ensure adaptable legislation in the digital era.

To gather input from stakeholders in creative industries and AI development, the government has opened a platform to understand the concerns and perspectives of those involved in creating, distributing, and protecting copyrighted works.

One key issue being examined is the use of copyright-protected works to train AI systems. As AI-generated content becomes more common, concerns have arisen about potential copyright infringement. The government aims to consider liability concerns and find a fair approach that protects copyright holders while fostering innovation.

The consultation will also focus on authorship and ownership rights for AI-generated content. As AI becomes better at creating original works, it is important to address the legal complexities of ownership and accreditation. By clarifying these rights, the government aims to recognize and protect creators in the age of generative AI.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Canadian Heritage will organize roundtable discussions with stakeholders to facilitate a comprehensive discussion. This will allow professionals, AI developers, and copyright holders to share their opinions and experiences. The government wants to gather a range of perspectives to inform copyright policies and balance innovation with creators’ rights.

The government encourages all Canadians to participate by providing feedback online. The deadline for submissions has been extended to December 4, 2023, to allow ample time for sharing thoughts on generative AI and copyright.

This is not the first time the government has sought public input on AI and copyright. A previous consultation showed that many Canadians thought it was too early to understand the implications. However, with the release of powerful generative AI tools, stakeholders, especially in creative industries, are revisiting these issues with renewed interest and urgency.

The government plans to provide an update on the consultation’s findings in 2024 to maintain transparency. This will keep the public informed about progress and potential policy changes resulting from the consultation process.

The Canadian government’s consultation on generative AI and copyright is crucial for keeping legislation up to date with technological advancements. By engaging stakeholders and gathering diverse perspectives, the government aims to balance innovation and creators’ rights. Canadians have the opportunity to shape future copyright laws in the digital age by actively participating in the consultation and sharing their insights. Together, we can navigate the evolving AI and copyright landscape for a fair and inclusive future.