CGT Security Unveils ‘Intimidator’ Line: A Game-Changer in Security Solutions

by | Mar 4, 2024

In a move that has significant implications for the security industry, CGT Security, under the leadership of Managing Director Roger Humphreys, has unveiled the ‘Intimidator’ range, a line of high-tech industrial shutter doors that redefine the standards of protection and innovation. This launch marks a critical juncture in the company’s journey towards unparalleled product development and represents a commitment to manufacturing superiority.

The ‘Intimidator’ series is a response to the complex security requirements of industrial and commercial entities across the globe, crafted to embody the epitome of dependability and excellence. These doors, which have been rigorously tested and certified to LPS 1175 standards, also boast the prestigious Secured by Design endorsement. They offer a robust security solution for businesses, allowing customers to select from manual or automatic locking mechanisms to suit varying operational needs.

The commendations from entities such as Secured by Design, articulated by Ruari Robertson, highlight CGT Security’s relentless pursuit of innovation and superior quality within the realm of security. The company’s emphasis on bespoke solutions allows for precise customization to service a variety of critical infrastructures, including data centres, laboratories, and manufacturing plants, ensuring not only security but also exceptional thermal insulation and acoustic management.

A notable feature of the ‘Intimidator’ range is its resilience to extreme weather, with hurricane wind-load resistance capabilities for areas susceptible to severe climatic conditions. This feature underscores CGT Security’s dedication to providing versatile solutions that address a wide spectrum of security challenges, emphasizing their resolve to lead the industry in both industrial and commercial defense mechanisms.

CGT Security’s esteemed status as a manufacturer of premium roller shutters is further reinforced by the ‘Intimidator’ range’s designation as a Police Preferred Specification product. This accolade affirms the company’s role as an eminent supplier of first-class security products that adhere to the most rigorous of standards.

The introduction of the ‘Intimidator’ series is a clear indication of CGT Security’s steadfast commitment to not only challenging the status quo but also to remolding the landscape of the security shutter market. By merging sophisticated technology with exceptional protective capabilities, CGT Security is pioneering a new chapter in security solutions where functionality and design converge seamlessly.

CGT Security’s dedication to innovation, manufacturing excellence, and customer satisfaction has positioned them as a leader in the security sector. The debut of the ‘Intimidator’ range establishes a new paradigm in security shutter technology, assuring the safeguarding of businesses and facilities on a global scale. This groundbreaking series is a reflection of CGT Security’s tireless drive for perfection in the security domain, cementing their role as a beacon of innovation and reliability in an industry where safety is paramount.