Cohesity Collaborates to Enhance Cloud Data Security Solutions

by | Jan 23, 2024

Cohesity, a major provider of data management solutions, is actively addressing concerns about data security in the cloud. Through collaborations in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), Cohesity aims to fill gaps in data protection and enhance security across multiple clouds. The company has recently partnered with seven reputable DSPM vendors, including BigID, Cyera, Dig Security, Normalyze, Sentra, Securiti, and Concentric AI.

In today’s digital era, safeguarding critical data in the cloud is a top concern for organizations. Cohesity’s DSPM partnerships offer a comprehensive solution. These collaborations help organizations identify and classify sensitive information across cloud platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and minimizing the risk of exposure.

One advantage of Cohesity’s DSPM partnerships is providing visibility into known and overlooked data repositories. By leveraging their partners’ expertise, Cohesity’s DSPM solutions help organizations understand cybersecurity risks and implement appropriate measures to protect their data.

Efficient recovery of workloads is also crucial for data protection. Cohesity’s partnerships prioritize quick and reliable recovery by addressing data protection gaps. Through vulnerability identification and suitable measures, organizations can enhance resilience and minimize downtime in the face of threats.

In addition to data protection, Cohesity’s partnerships contribute to regulatory compliance. DSPM solutions help users understand data usage and assess the security of stored data. This helps organizations comply with regulations and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

The collaboration between Cohesity and BigID is particularly beneficial. BigID’s data intelligence platform helps organizations discover sensitive data in their cloud infrastructure. This collaboration provides insights into security risks and enables proactive mitigation.

Cohesity’s DSPM partnerships offer numerous benefits. By uncovering sensitive data across cloud assets, these collaborations improve security across multiple clouds. The combination of DSPM capabilities with Cohesity’s data management platform provides a holistic approach to data protection, addressing gaps and vulnerabilities.

The integration between Cohesity and Normalyze, a notable DSPM vendor, is now available. This integration enhances Cohesity’s ability to secure cloud workloads and protect critical data. Cohesity and Normalyze offer a seamless and robust solution to address data protection gaps.

Data resilience is crucial in today’s evolving threat landscape. Cohesity’s DSPM partnerships enhance organizations’ resilience for critical data. These collaborations provide a comprehensive understanding of security risks, enabling proactive data protection.

In conclusion, Cohesity’s Data Security Posture Management partnerships fortify cloud protection for organizations. Collaborating with leading DSPM vendors ensures comprehensive coverage, improved security, and efficient workload recovery. These partnerships identify sensitive information, contribute to compliance, and foster trust and resilience against cyber threats. Cohesity’s strategic partnerships pave the way for a more secure and resilient digital landscape.