Combating Digital Antisemitism: Utilizing Tech and Teamwork to Counter Hate

by | Dec 6, 2023

The fight against antisemitism has taken on a new and concerning dimension in the era dominated by social media. Extremist groups, foreign regimes, and malicious actors have weaponized technology, using bots to spread damaging narratives and connect Israel to harmful hashtags. The increase in antisemitic attacks, which corresponds with the rise of specific terms on social platforms, requires addressing the spread of misinformation and combating the digital onslaught.

A recent online conversation hosted by Touro University’s Jewish Law Institute shed light on the role of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and misinformation in fueling anti-Israel sentiment during the recent conflict with Hamas. Dr. Joel Finkelstein, an expert in the influence of technology on disinformation, emphasized the alarming role it plays in spreading falsehoods about Jews and Israel.

Leading the fight against this digital onslaught is Dr. Finkelstein and his program called This innovative tool aims to analyze hate-filled misinformation and dismantle the web of fabricated content generated by AI, often depicting atrocities committed by the Jewish state. The development of aligns with the urgent need to combat the widespread spread of antisemitic sentiment online.

During the discussion, panelist Malcolm Hoenlein emphasized the urgent need to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding technology-driven hate and disinformation. Understanding the nature of the threat is crucial to effectively combat the rising tide of antisemitism.

The fight against antisemitism is an ongoing battle, and technology is being used as a weapon to fight back. Experts are developing advanced tools to detect racist and antisemitic content in real-time, allowing for quick response and intervention. This proactive approach holds the potential to mitigate the harmful impact of hate speech before it gains traction and incites violence.

Moderating the discussion, Touro University President Dr. Alan Kadish stressed the importance of mapping out the digital battlefield. By providing law enforcement agencies with decisive information, it becomes possible to identify and prosecute those responsible for antisemitic acts fueled by online propaganda.

The responsibility of social media companies in combating hate speech was also discussed. Michal Cotler-Wunsh highlighted the need to hold these companies accountable for their failure to crack down on hateful posts. While AI may contribute to the problem, it can also be used to combat it. By effectively using AI, social media platforms can proactively identify and remove antisemitic content, creating safer spaces for users.

The increase in antisemitic sentiments online has been particularly alarming since the October 7 massacre of Jews by Hamas. This tragedy has sparked a surge in hateful rhetoric and disinformation targeting the Jewish community. The “Touro Talks” program, presented by Touro’s Jewish Law Institute, aims to address these challenges head-on, bringing together experts to explore innovative solutions.

Antisemitism on college campuses is not just a reflection of hatred towards Jews but also seen as a rebellion against Western liberal values. By addressing this issue, universities can ensure that their campuses remain inclusive and respectful places.

As technology continues to evolve, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve in the fight against antisemitism. Programs like provide hope for countering the spread of misinformation, while the collective efforts of experts, institutions, and social media companies can create a safer digital landscape for all.

In conclusion, the battle against antisemitism in the digital age requires a multi-pronged approach. By using technology, educating the public, and holding social media platforms accountable, we can work towards a future where hate and disinformation are met with swift and effective countermeasures. As the fight continues, it is crucial that we remain vigilant and committed to the values of tolerance, understanding, and respect. Together, we can strive for a world free from antisemitism and create a safer and more inclusive society for all.