Crowley and ABS Transform Maritime Upkeep with Advanced Augmented Reality Tech

by | Oct 4, 2023

Crowley Shipping and ABS, a prominent maritime classification and advisory services provider, have formed a partnership aimed at revolutionizing maintenance and upgrades on-board vessels. By using augmented reality (AR) technology, this collaboration seeks to improve efficiency and reliability in the maritime industry.

Recognizing the importance of successful surveys, Crowley is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to improve vessel operations. Teaming up with ABS positions them to transform maintenance and upgrades at sea.

One key advancement in this collaboration is the use of specialized goggles, allowing crew members to show real-time visuals to remote technicians. This breakthrough enables faster communication and decision-making, reducing downtime and increasing productivity on-board vessels.

ABS’ senior VP and chief technology officer, Patrick Ryan, believes that partnering with forward-thinking companies like Crowley presents new possibilities for future survey operations and safety. By using cutting-edge AR technology, this collaboration aims to streamline surveys and ensure optimal vessel performance.

The AR technology, developed by Kognitiv Sparks, was recently unveiled at Crowley’s Innovation Expo. It offers mariners a safer and more efficient option, transforming maintenance and repairs at sea. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the maritime ecosystem and provide a glimpse into the future of vessel maintenance.

Cole Cosgrove, Crowley Shipping’s VP, emphasizes the significance of partnerships in achieving sustainable growth and success in maritime services. Through collaboration with ABS, Crowley aims to advance innovative technology that benefits their operations and the entire maritime industry.

Crowley’s diverse fleet, comprising container, RoRo, tug, dry cargo, and offshore wind development and service operation vessels, will lead this technological revolution. The project involves surveyors, engineers, and comprehensive back-office support to ensure seamless integration of AR technology into maintenance processes.

Integrating AR technology not only improves the speed and efficiency of maintenance but also enhances crew safety. By using special goggles, crew members can provide real-time visuals to remote technicians, reducing the need for physical presence in hazardous situations.

As a leading maritime classification and advisory services provider, ABS recognizes the value of collaborating with innovative companies like Crowley. This partnership aims to explore new frontiers in AR and VR usage in maritime environments, further enhancing safety and efficiency in vessel operations.

Crowley’s commitment to advancing technology for the benefit of the maritime ecosystem and customers is evident in this collaboration with ABS. With their extensive fleet of U.S. and foreign flag vessels, Crowley is well-positioned to spearhead the adoption of AR technology in the maritime industry.

In an evolving maritime industry, partnerships and collaborations like the one between Crowley and ABS will play a crucial role in driving progress. By combining their expertise and resources, these companies are paving the way for a future where maintenance and upgrades are streamlined, efficient, and safe.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Crowley and ABS represents a significant milestone in the maritime industry’s embrace of cutting-edge technology. By using augmented reality, maintenance and upgrades are poised to become faster, more efficient, and safer. As this partnership continues to evolve, maritime operators and customers can look forward to a future where maintenance is seamlessly integrated into vessel operations, ensuring optimal performance on the high seas.