Cyber Incident Rattles New Relic Clients, Communication Lapse Sparks Alarm

by | Nov 24, 2023

New Relic, a web tracking and analytics company, recently informed its customers about a cyber incident that has raised concerns about the company’s transparency and communication practices. The undisclosed incident has left customers frustrated and questioning New Relic’s commitment to addressing the issue promptly and effectively.

Lack of Transparency and Communication:
New Relic has not provided specific details about the cyber incident, leaving customers uninformed about potential data compromise, detection methods, and involvement of third-party experts. This lack of information has raised doubts about the company’s dedication to its customers.

Vague Communication and Uncertain Risks:
Although New Relic’s CEO, Bill Staples, assured customers of a thorough investigation and appropriate actions, the company’s communication about the steps being taken and the timeline for resolution has been unclear. Customers remain uncertain about the risks they may face and the necessary measures to protect themselves.

Customer Concerns and Exposed Risks:
Reports of suspicious activity on customer accounts have emerged, but it is unclear if all customers are at risk or if the issue is limited to specific regions. The lack of comprehensive communication has left customers unsure about the impact on their personal information and the precautions they should take.

Failure to Provide Regular Updates:
New Relic’s failure to provide regular updates and security bulletins may result in customers missing important information and advice about their information security. This lack of customer communication has left them feeling vulnerable to further risks and raises concerns about the company’s commitment to customer safety.

Lack of Cooperation and Transparency:
The Register, an independent source seeking information from New Relic, reported that the company did not respond to their inquiries. This lack of cooperation further heightens concerns about New Relic’s commitment to transparency and addressing customer concerns.

Timing and Limited Support:
Announcing the incident during the Thanksgiving holiday has left some customers worried about potential impacts while technical support and assistance may be limited. This timing adds to the frustration and raises questions about New Relic’s ability to effectively handle such incidents.

Doubts About Communication Strategy:
Despite New Relic’s statement that specific actions will be communicated directly to affected customers, many have reported not receiving any communication. This raises doubts about the effectiveness of New Relic’s communication strategy and their commitment to keeping customers informed.

Uncertainty about Support and Expertise:
The lack of detail surrounding the incident also raises concerns about the level of support New Relic is providing. While mentioning third-party cybersecurity experts, it is uncertain how much their expertise is being utilized due to limited information.

Monitoring the Situation:
The Register has committed to closely monitoring the situation, ensuring customer concerns are addressed, and holding New Relic accountable. Their vigilance in seeking answers is crucial to prevent similar incidents in the future and safeguard the security and privacy of customer data.

The recent cyber incident at New Relic has raised significant concerns among its customer base. The lack of transparency and inadequate communication from the company has left customers frustrated and uncertain about the risks they may face. It is crucial for New Relic to take prompt action, provide timely updates, and ensure the security and privacy of customer data. The Register’s commitment to monitoring the situation is crucial in holding New Relic accountable and restoring customer trust.