DataFort Managed IT & Security Service for TBS Boats

Client Background:

TBS Boats, operating since 1992, is a prominent supplier of new and used boats in the southeast of England. With two locations, the company heavily relies on its IT systems for managing their business operations. However, the existing approach of managing IT internally by staff was hindering productivity, especially due to the need for 7-day-a-week customer service. Over the years, the company’s IT infrastructure had grown organically, resulting in a mix of cloud-based and locally hosted systems with minimal security measures.

Client Requirements:

TBS Boats sought a partnership with a local IT managed service provider to address their specific needs:


  • Optimize costs by avoiding unnecessary services.
  • Streamline and consolidate their existing network infrastructure.
  • Enhance security and efficiency by migrating servers to the cloud instead of investing in new on-premises hardware.
  • Relieve the burden of TBS staff managing IT systems

Solution by DataFort:

DataFort was selected as the IT managed service provider for TBS Boats, offering the following solution:

Migration to DataFort’s Tier IV data centre:

All of TBS Boats’ business systems were transferred to DataFort’s secure data centre. This ensured reliable backups and minimized the risk of downtime.

Desktop configuration and hardware: DataFort provided desktop configurations that aligned with TBS Boats’ requirements. Instead of traditional floor-based computer towers, the preference was given to all-in-one units where the computer and monitor are integrated into a single housing. This addressed the issue of potential water damage due to the proximity of TBS to rivers.

Remote IT support:

DataFort’s engineering staff became available to assist TBS Boats with any computer-related issues. They also took responsibility for managing firewall settings, implementing virus protection measures, and applying security patches remotely.

Proactive monitoring and alert systems:

DataFort implemented alert systems to promptly detect and mitigate issues such as disk drives filling up, ensuring smooth operations for TBS Boats.

Hardware procurement and replacement:

DataFort provided guidance and procured new hardware whenever necessary, helping TBS Boats keep their infrastructure up-to-date.


Sue Howell, TBS Administrator at the Penton Hook Branch, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership with DataFort, stating, “Just having a resource to deal with computer-based issues made my job much easier.” The DataFort team proved to be supportive and helpful, allowing Sue to focus on her primary responsibilities without the burden of IT management.


By partnering with DataFort, TBS Boats successfully addressed their IT challenges and achieved the desired outcomes. The migration to DataFort’s Tier IV data centre ensured secure backups and minimized downtime risks. The adoption of all-in-one units mitigated potential water damage concerns. The remote IT support and proactive monitoring provided by DataFort’s experts ensured the smooth functioning of TBS Boats’ IT systems. Overall, TBS Boats experienced improved productivity and relieved the administrative burden on their staff, enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

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