Deutsche Telekom Partners with APPVISORY to Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures

by | Dec 31, 2023

Deutsche Telekom and APPVISORY have partnered to offer advanced, AI-supported solutions for real-time cyber defense against the increasing threat of cyber attacks. This alliance provides several benefits, including fast identification of vulnerabilities, proactive threat detection, and protection of customer data.

Recent data from BITKOM shows that nearly half of all cyber attacks in 2022 targeted company customer data. This alarming statistic highlights the urgent need for strong cybersecurity measures. The app landscape has become a prime target due to the rise of remote work and reliance on mobile devices. Manual patching of apps is no longer enough to keep up with evolving threats.

To address these challenges, APPVISORY has developed AI-powered solutions integrated into Deutsche Telekom’s portfolio. These advanced security measures use artificial intelligence to scan apps for vulnerabilities before and after installation. This technology promptly alerts customers to dangerous updates and automatically addresses security vulnerabilities through updates.

Sebastian Wolters, CEO of APPVISORY, emphasizes the crucial role of their partnership with Deutsche Telekom in securing mobile work environments. APPVISORY’s services provide robust protection for company cell phones and critical business information.

Comprehensive cybersecurity measures are urgently needed, as German network operators reported 15 million malware infections in the past year alone, according to the Federal Office for Information Security. This emphasizes the importance of proactive measures against cyber threats.

The widespread adoption of remote work has increased companies’ vulnerability. With employees accessing company data from various locations, the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches is a concern. APPVISORY’s technology detects malicious apps before they reach devices and provides guidance to enhance app security.

Additionally, the service helps prevent spam emails from infiltrating company networks. In 2022, 69% of all spam emails were fraudulent or phishing attacks. APPVISORY’s AI-supported solutions effectively identify and block these emails.

What sets APPVISORY apart is its focus on patent protection. With hackers targeting patents, protecting intellectual property has become crucial. APPVISORY’s services help companies safeguard their innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

Moreover, APPVISORY’s user-friendly and accessible services appeal to business customers. The implementation process is quick and seamless, allowing companies to enhance cybersecurity without disruption.

Klaus Werner, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Business Customers, emphasizes the importance of uninterrupted security for mobile work environments. With the APPVISORY Secure App Check service monitoring apps constantly, companies can trust that their mobile devices are protected 24/7.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and APPVISORY strengthens company data security in the face of growing cyber threats. AI-supported solutions enable businesses to detect vulnerabilities, protect customer data, and safeguard intellectual property. As remote work becomes more prominent, comprehensive cybersecurity measures are crucial. Deutsche Telekom and APPVISORY are working together to make mobile work environments more secure.