EAB Innovates Student Recruitment and Retention through AI Integration in Navigate

by | Sep 15, 2023

EAB, a well-known provider of research, technology, and enrollment solutions, is disrupting the higher education industry by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) features into its widely used student recruitment and retention technology, Navigate. This move aims to enhance the student experience, increase recruitment rates, and improve retention and graduation rates.

Navigate, a crucial tool for administrators, faculty, advisors, and students at numerous colleges and universities, will become even stronger. The inclusion of AI features promises to revolutionize how students navigate their academic journey while simplifying administrative tasks and allowing advisors to focus on advising students.

Scott Schirmeier, President of EAB Technology, is excited about the impact of AI on advisors, stating, “AI enables advisors to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time advising students.” This means advisors can now dedicate more time to providing personalized support and guidance, ultimately driving student success.

A standout addition to Navigate is a conversational AI knowledge bot designed to provide quick and accurate answers to common student queries. This AI-powered chatbot is easily accessible from students’ smartphones, serving as a convenient resource for support and guidance.

What sets this knowledge bot apart is its ability to learn and adapt. It can understand different student inquiries and provide precise answers along with relevant resources. Students can now access information quickly and efficiently, empowering them to make informed decisions and navigate their academic journey confidently.

The benefits of AI in Navigate extend beyond students. Advisors and support staff will also benefit from enhanced features that simplify their tasks. For example, AI will assist advisors in creating effective student communications through a generative AI campaign content creator. This powerful tool offers templates and writing prompts. Alternatively, advisors can use AI to create customized messages that motivate students to take necessary actions.

Furthermore, AI enhancements will simplify the process of generating reports on institutional student retention and success efforts for staff and administrators. With a simple click, they can access targeted insights into potential performance issues associated with any group of students. This empowers administrators to take proactive measures and ensure student success.

EAB’s mission is to make education smarter and communities stronger. With their extensive experience working with over 2,500 institutions, they understand the unique needs of each leadership team, students, and employees they serve. By tailoring their research, technology, and enrollment solutions, EAB aims to drive transformative change through data-driven insights and capabilities.

The expansion of AI features in Navigate is a significant step towards achieving this mission. By automating routine tasks, administrators, faculty, and advisors can now focus on providing personalized support to students. Additionally, AI recommendations can help advisors adjust the tone of their messages, ensuring effective communication that resonates with students.

EAB plans to make these cutting-edge AI features available in 2024, demonstrating their commitment to continuously improving and adapting their technology to meet the changing needs of higher education institutions. As the educational landscape evolves, the integration of AI in student recruitment and retention technology offers a promising solution to enhance the overall student experience.

With the introduction of AI-powered features in Navigate, EAB is poised to make a lasting impact on education. By seamlessly blending technology and human expertise, they aim to empower students, advisors, and administrators, ultimately driving success and transforming the future of higher education. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for positive change is immense. Education will never be the same.