EU Alliance Advocates for Swift AI Act Ratification to Protect Innovation and Creative Integrity

by | Feb 3, 2024

Over 200 organizations from Europe’s creative and cultural sectors have joined together to form a strong coalition, advocating for the approval of the proposed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act by European Union (EU) member states. The main goal of this legislation is to protect the rights of creators, artists, and publishers by establishing a clear framework for the ethical and responsible use of AI. The coalition firmly believes that proper authorization should be required for the use of creative content in AI models to prevent the digital age from undermining the rights of those who contribute to Europe’s cultural landscape.

Backed by influential publishing trade bodies like the Federation of European Publishers, the coalition strongly believes that clear guidelines and regulations are necessary to safeguard the interests of creators and rights-holders in the rapidly advancing field of AI technology. The AI Act has gained significant momentum due to its call for practical solutions that preserve human creativity in AI models and its demand for recognition and compensation for any copyright infringement that may occur.

The legislation, agreed upon by negotiators, strikes a delicate balance between protecting the rights of creators and promoting innovation in the AI field. With its minimal requirements for ‘General Purpose AI Models,’ the AI Act aims to create an environment where both rights and commercial freedoms are respected, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

For Europe’s creative and cultural sectors, the AI Act presents a unique opportunity for the EU to take a leadership role in AI regulation. With the support of over 200 organizations, they firmly believe that Europe can establish a global standard for the operation of AI systems. This legislation not only benefits creators and rights-holders but also levels the playing field for businesses operating in the AI domain.

The coalition’s Creators and Rightsholders Statement, released ahead of the European Union’s Committee of Permanent Representatives meeting, emphasizes the crucial role played by the AI Act in regulating the role of AI in Europe. By implementing a unified regulatory and legal framework, the legislation would bring clarity and certainty to creators and businesses, stimulating further development and innovation within the EU.

Experts argue that the AI Act would be a vital catalyst for value creation in AI, providing clear guidelines while protecting the rights of creators. By requiring authorizations for the use of creative content in AI models, the legislation promotes ethical practices and fosters a culture of respect for intellectual property.

The unwavering support shown by the coalition for the approval of the AI Act reflects the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive regulations in the ever-evolving field of AI. Leveraging Europe’s rich history of creativity and innovation, the continent has the opportunity to lead AI framework development. By setting high standards for the responsible use of AI, Europe can inspire global confidence in the technology and its immense potential.

As EU member states consider the approval of the AI Act, the coalition remains hopeful that the legislation will be embraced. They firmly believe that by establishing a robust framework for AI, Europe can demonstrate global leadership in AI regulation while protecting the rights of creators and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and creativity for future generations. Supported by over 200 organizations, Europe’s creative and cultural sectors stand united in their mission to protect creativity and innovation through the approval of the AI Act.