Faculty AI Partners with Kantar Public: A Revolutionary Transformation in Research through AI

by | Oct 22, 2023

Faculty AI, a well-known AI-based performance consultancy, has formed a strategic collaboration with Kantar Public, a global research agency, to revolutionize research methods using artificial intelligence (AI). Together, they have developed an innovative tool called the Smart Matrix Analyser, which aims to improve qualitative analysis and reshape research.

Located in London’s tech hub in Old Street, Faculty AI has received significant investments, including over £40 million from investors such as The Apax Digital Fund. Led by Tom Nixon, the Director of Government, Faculty AI specializes in providing customized AI consultancy, software solutions, and a respected Fellowship program.

The partnership between Kantar Public and Faculty AI has resulted in the creation of the Smart Matrix Analyser, a platform designed to revolutionize qualitative analysis. While this tool does not aim to replace human expertise, it significantly enhances the interpretation and analysis process, improving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, scalability, insights, and objectivity.

Recognizing the importance of data security, Kantar Public and Faculty AI have prioritized safeguarding sensitive information during the development of the Smart Matrix Analyser. Researchers can trust the reliability and trustworthiness of this tool, ensuring the utmost security of their data.

Researchers using the Smart Matrix Analyser will embark on a transformative research journey. This tool streamlines the initial stages of qualitative analysis, including data synthesis, allowing researchers to stay connected to raw data inputs throughout the process. By integrating AI technology, this tool saves time and resources while providing a scalable framework for research studies.

Kantar Public, previously owned by Kantar, a global leader in data, insights, and consulting, underwent a change in ownership a year ago. The company was acquired by the private equity firm Trilantic Europe, signaling a new era of delivering cutting-edge research solutions. Through its collaboration with Faculty AI, Kantar Public aims to leverage data-driven insights and deliver more impactful and reliable research findings.

Lucy Joyce, the Client Services Director at Kantar Public UK, expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, emphasizing the potential benefits it brings to their research methods. By incorporating AI technology, Kantar Public aims to extract valuable insights from their data, enabling them to provide clients with more comprehensive and impactful research outcomes.

Initially piloted in the UK and Europe, the Smart Matrix Analyser has the potential to reshape research methods. This tool enhances the first stage of qualitative analysis and broadens its capabilities to improve the second stage, equipping researchers with a suite of tools to extract valuable insights from their data.

The impact of AI in research methods extends beyond Kantar Public and Faculty AI. Other research agencies and organizations are also embracing this technology, recognizing its potential to reshape the industry. As AI continues to evolve, researchers can expect even more efficient and accurate analysis methods, ultimately leading to more reliable research outcomes.

The collaboration between Kantar Public and Faculty AI represents a significant step in the integration of AI technology in research methods. By combining their expertise, these organizations are at the forefront of leveraging AI to improve qualitative analysis, setting a new standard in the research landscape.

In an ever-changing world, organizations must embrace innovative solutions to stay at the forefront of research techniques. The partnership between Kantar Public and Faculty AI, along with the development of the Smart Matrix Analyser, demonstrates their commitment to delivering impactful insights and revolutionizing research methods. With AI, the future of research looks brighter than ever.