FCC Unleashes Boundless Possibilities: Launches 6GHz Wi-Fi for AR and VR Wearables

by | Oct 20, 2023

The FCC has made a significant decision that will impact augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). By allowing low power devices, including AR/VR wearables, to use the 6GHz band, the FCC is enabling advancements in these technologies.

Starting on October 19, the FCC’s new rules will allow operations in the U-NII-5 and U-NII-7 parts of the 6 GHz band, providing 850 megahertz of spectrum. This expansion gives routers more airwaves to use and eliminates the need for overlapping signals like some existing Wi-Fi channels.

This decision has wide-ranging implications, as it opens up possibilities for AR/VR wearables to seamlessly connect with smartphones and other devices. Apple, Meta, Google, and Broadcom have all supported the opening of the 6 GHz bands, believing it will be crucial for the next generation 5G ecosystem.

Meta, the company behind Meta Quest 3 and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, is excited about the FCC’s decision. Kevin Martin, Meta’s VP of North American Policy, praises the FCC for working with the industry and allowing companies like Meta to use new wireless technologies and advance computing.

The approval of airwaves for VR and AR tools will usher in a new era of wearable technologies. These regulations are expected to foster cutting-edge applications that benefit businesses and enhance learning, healthcare, and entertainment experiences.

The expansion of the 6 GHz band allows for up to seven 160 MHz channels exclusively for new Wi-Fi 6E devices. This enables high Wi-Fi speeds without interference from older Wi-Fi devices. Lower power operations are also allowed without needing a frequency coordination system, both indoors and outdoors.

Apple, a major player in AR/VR, sees the FCC’s decision as a positive step forward. It will enable faster and more reliable wireless connections and the integration of additional features in upcoming AR and VR devices.

The expansion of the 6 GHz band has generated optimism within the industry. The announcement has been met with excitement as it opens up new opportunities and pushes the boundaries of VR and AR technologies.

The FCC’s decision to open up the 6 GHz band is a significant development for Wi-Fi and wearable technologies. It sets the stage for groundbreaking AR/VR applications that will revolutionize various sectors and enhance our lives.

In conclusion, the FCC’s approval of the 6 GHz band for AR/VR wearables is a milestone in wireless technology. It unlocks new possibilities and paves the way for a future where AR/VR seamlessly integrate into our lives. As companies leverage the expanded spectrum, we can expect innovative applications that transform our interaction with technology. The future is within our reach.