Fleet Xpress: Fuelling the Sea Data Uprising

by | Nov 26, 2023

Inmarsat Maritime, in partnership with Tototheo, has recently introduced Fleet Xpress, an innovative technology that has transformed the maritime industry. By utilizing data, Fleet Xpress has revolutionized the operations of shipping companies, offering global bandwidth, flexibility, security, and capacity.

In today’s digital era, connectivity is essential, even in the maritime industry. With over 1,000 installations across different types of vessels, Fleet Xpress has become the preferred solution for shipping companies seeking reliable and high-speed broadband services.

One of the main advantages of Fleet Xpress is its ability to enhance safety, cyber security, and crew welfare. With seamless communication between vessels and shore, shipping companies can monitor and address safety concerns in real-time. Fleet Xpress also provides secure and high-bandwidth connectivity, ensuring strong cyber security measures to protect against digital threats. This not only safeguards vessels and valuable cargo but also ensures the well-being of crew members who rely on reliable communication for work and personal purposes.

Tototheo, a long-standing partner of Inmarsat Maritime, has played a crucial role in driving the digital revolution in the maritime industry. By activating over 1,000 Fleet Xpress terminals, Tototheo has demonstrated their commitment to helping the industry leverage the power of data and digitization. Their expertise and close relationship with Inmarsat Maritime have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth integration and adoption of Fleet Xpress across the industry.

Damien Staples, Vice President Indirect Sales & Global Partnerships at Inmarsat Maritime, acknowledges the central role Fleet Xpress plays, stating, “Fleet Xpress has been instrumental in powering the maritime data revolution. Its reliability and global coverage, combined with Tototheo’s expertise, have enabled shipping companies to operate more efficiently.”

What sets Fleet Xpress apart is its unique combination of Global Xpress Ka-band technology with resilient L-band. This approach not only provides high-speed connectivity but also offers a resilient L-band backup as a standard feature. With a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA), shipping companies can navigate the challenging waters of the global maritime industry with confidence.

In addition to its technological capabilities, Fleet Xpress also supports regulatory compliance in the maritime industry. With ever-changing regulations governing communications and data management, Fleet Xpress ensures that vessels remain compliant with international standards while optimizing operational efficiency.

Looking ahead, Tototheo Maritime and Inmarsat are committed to their partnership and driving further advancements in maritime connectivity. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, CEO of Tototheo Maritime, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “Tototheo looks forward to many more years of helping the maritime industry leverage the power of data and digitization using Fleet Xpress.”

In conclusion, Fleet Xpress has revolutionized the maritime industry by providing secure, high-bandwidth connectivity, enabling shipping companies to operate more efficiently. With Tototheo’s unwavering support and expertise, the adoption of Fleet Xpress has surpassed the 1,000-ship mark, solidifying its position as the leading global network combining Global Xpress Ka-band technology with resilient L-band. As the maritime data revolution continues, Fleet Xpress remains at the forefront, empowering the industry to navigate the digital era successfully.