Fortanix: Pioneering Robust Encryption for Enhanced Data Security

by | Dec 9, 2023

Fortanix, a top provider of data security solutions, is changing the way organizations safeguard their valuable data from increasing cyber threats. With data breaches and cyber attacks on the rise, encryption has become a crucial tool in the fight against unauthorized access and data loss. However, many organizations struggle to implement encryption effectively. Fortanix offers a complete set of encryption solutions through their Data Security Manager (DSM) platform, enabling organizations to protect their sensitive data, comply with regulations, and gain a competitive advantage.

Encryption plays a key role in improving network security, data security, and overall security. In a recent study conducted by Fortanix in collaboration with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), it was found that an overwhelming 90% of respondents agreed that encryption has a positive impact in these areas. More than 50% of respondents said that encryption significantly enhances security. These findings highlight the importance of encryption as an effective defense against cyber threats.

Despite the recognition of encryption as a vital security measure, many organizations struggle with its implementation. Determining when and where to apply encryption can be a daunting task for tech professionals, especially when combined with a lack of cybersecurity expertise. Fortanix understands these challenges and offers the DSM platform as a solution.

Fortanix DSM provides a complete set of encryption solutions, including enterprise key management, data masking/tokenization, secrets management, code signing, confidential AI, and confidential data search. With DSM, organizations gain full visibility and control over their encryption assets, ensuring the secure management of encryption keys, protecting sensitive data, and complying with privacy regulations.

One notable feature of Fortanix DSM is Key Insight, which allows organizations to consolidate the discovery and assessment of cryptographic keys across different environments. This consolidation gives organizations complete control over their encryption keys, enhancing data security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

The ESG study found that only 24% of organizations currently have a unified key management system, which hampers the efficiency and effectiveness of encryption efforts. Additionally, the cost, budget, and staffing constraints pose significant limitations in adapting to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), a critical aspect of future-proofing data security.

Another challenge highlighted by the Fortanix survey is the lack of complete control over encryption keys. To address this issue, 81% of organizations have dedicated teams for encryption, key management, and certificate management. However, the study also noted a decline in the usage of distributed or federated key management systems, a trend that is expected to continue.

Fortanix has gained recognition and support from reputable investors such as Goldman Sachs, Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, In-Q-Tel, Neotribe Ventures, and GiantLeap Capital. This industry recognition underscores the trust placed in Fortanix by enterprises in privacy-sensitive industries, including healthcare, fintech, financial services, government, and retail.

In an ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, encryption has become a critical part of data security. Fortanix offers a complete set of encryption solutions through their DSM platform, enabling organizations to protect their sensitive data, comply with regulations, and gain a competitive advantage. By adopting a data-centric security strategy and leveraging Fortanix DSM, organizations can confidently navigate the challenges of data security and emerge as leaders in their industries. With Fortanix as their ally, organizations can revolutionize their approach to data security, ensuring the safety and integrity of their valuable data.