FunBox: Revolutionary Family Leisure Hub Poised to Revitalize Reading

by | Dec 12, 2023

Reading is excited as councillors unanimously grant permission for the opening of FunBox, a new family entertainment centre that will transform leisure activities in the area. FunBox, located in the former New Look store in Broad St. Mall, will invigorate Queens Walk with its attractions, including bowling, virtual reality (VR) games, an arcade, and a restaurant.

The councillors are happy about the job opportunities and economic boost that FunBox will bring to the area. Councillor Karen Rowland describes the centre as having a positive effect on the community, highlighting its impact on job creation and economic growth.

FunBox is designed to cater to a range of interests, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy. The inclusion of bowling lanes provides a classic and competitive experience, while the VR games transport visitors to immersive virtual worlds. The arcade machines evoke nostalgia and provide entertainment for children.

During the council meeting, concerns were raised about parking. However, council officers assure councillors that FunBox will be served by existing bus services, and previous establishments in the same location did not have significant parking issues. Councillor Simon Robinson raises concerns about the potential closure of the car park in Broad St. Mall, emphasizing the need for alternative parking solutions to accommodate the expected influx of visitors.

Despite some opposition, the planning application for FunBox is approved. Councillor Josh Williams asks about introducing gambling machines, but council officers quickly clarify that it would breach FunBox’s license agreement, ruling out their inclusion.

Councillor Micky Leng supports FunBox, describing it as a fantastic addition to the town and something that Reading has been lacking. Councillor James Moore echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the lack of activities for young people in the area and expressing his delight about FunBox’s impending opening.

With its unique attractions and varied entertainment options, FunBox promises to inject excitement into Reading’s leisure scene. Designed for families and individuals of all ages, the centre aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to have fun.

As the opening date approaches, anticipation builds among residents and visitors. FunBox’s arrival in the heart of Reading is seen as a significant boost to the town center, attracting more visitors and revitalizing the area. Councillor Robinson emphasizes the value of initiatives like FunBox, drawing people into the town center and stimulating economic activity.

The FunBox development is a positive step forward for Reading, offering diverse and engaging leisure options. Families and individuals can look forward to a vibrant entertainment experience in the heart of their community. FunBox is set to become a go-to destination, providing attractions for all interests and ages.

As the centre prepares to open, excitement is palpable throughout the town. FunBox’s innovative concept and prime location make it a game-changer for Reading, ushering in a new era of family entertainment. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of fun and adventure as FunBox transforms leisure activities and enlivens the heart of Reading.