iBoss Launches New ChatGPT Risk Module for Improved Security in AI Engagements

by | Feb 7, 2024

iboss, a major provider of cloud-based network security solutions, has introduced its latest advancement, the ChatGPT Risk Module. This advanced solution aims to enhance the security of AI interactions, protect sensitive information, safeguard intellectual assets, and mitigate potential security threats. By seamlessly integrating the ChatGPT Risk Module into the iboss Zero Trust Secure Sockets Edge (SSE) platform, organizations can leverage AI while maintaining strong security.

The Importance of Strengthening AI Interaction Security:

Christopher Park, the Chief Marketing Officer at iboss, recognizes the transformative impact of AI technologies like ChatGPT on workplace practices. However, he also highlights the potential vulnerabilities in data security that arise from these technologies. This makes the ChatGPT Risk Module a crucial addition to organizations’ security measures.

Real-Time Risk Notification:

The ChatGPT Risk Module provides instant risk notifications to organizations, giving them real-time awareness of potential security threats. By diligently monitoring and securing user interactions with ChatGPT, organizations can confidently embrace AI technology while mitigating risks.

Data Loss Prevention Capabilities:

A standout feature of the ChatGPT Risk Module is its ability to prevent data loss. It promptly detects and prevents the transmission of sensitive information, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Comprehensive Logging for Regulatory Compliance:

In addition to real-time risk notification, the module offers comprehensive logging, enabling organizations to maintain detailed records of ChatGPT conversations. This logging feature provides valuable insights for regulatory compliance and internal review, ensuring organizations meet legal obligations and industry standards.

Promoting Responsible AI Usage:

To encourage responsible AI practices within organizations, the ChatGPT Risk Module allows them to set up custom banners. These banners serve as reminders and guidelines for employees, promoting responsible and ethical AI usage.

Seamless Integration with iboss Zero Trust SSE:

The integration of the ChatGPT Risk Module into the iboss platform demonstrates the company’s forward-thinking approach to addressing data security and regulatory compliance challenges posed by AI technologies. By aligning with iboss’s Zero Trust SSE solution, the module ensures exceptional data security and compliance. This enables organizations to leverage AI’s power while maintaining a stringent security framework, striking a balance between innovation and safeguarding sensitive information.

Navigating the Evolving Technological Landscape:

As AI technologies continue to evolve and reshape the way we work, organizations must stay ahead of potential security threats. The ChatGPT Risk Module, developed by iboss, represents a game-changer in AI interaction security. Its integration into the iboss Zero Trust SSE platform equips organizations with the necessary tools to securely navigate the ever-changing technological landscape.


The launch of the ChatGPT Risk Module by iboss is a significant milestone in AI interaction security. By addressing vulnerabilities, providing real-time risk notification, comprehensive logging, and data loss prevention capabilities, the module empowers organizations to embrace AI technology while ensuring utmost security and compliance. As AI integration becomes increasingly prevalent in the workplace, the ChatGPT Risk Module serves as a crucial safeguard, enabling organizations to benefit from AI innovation without compromising security. With iboss’s innovative solution, the future of AI interaction security appears promising.