India’s Data Security Council Introduces Protection Seal for Enhanced User Privacy

by | Jan 23, 2024

The Data Security Council of India (DSCI), an organization set up by industry body Nasscom, is taking action to address concerns about data privacy. In response, DSCI is introducing a data protection seal (DPS) to ensure the secure use of user data by platforms in India.

The DPS will give users confidence that applications, websites, and products meet strict privacy standards. Similar to the ISI mark, which confirms adherence to the Bureau of Indian Standards, the DPS will help users identify organizations that handle their data safely and responsibly.

One of the main challenges in today’s digital landscape is the rise of deepfakes, manipulated audio or video content that can deceive viewers. DSCI aims to tackle this issue by training and certifying Data Protection Officers (DPOs) through their DSCI-certified Data Protection Officer program. These DPOs will play a crucial role in identifying and addressing deepfake-related concerns, ensuring the security and authenticity of user data.

Vinayak Godse, CEO of DSCI, has identified several major cybersecurity challenges for 2024, including the growth of ransomware, attacks on multi-factor authentication, and the use of artificial intelligence. To address these challenges, DSCI collaborates with governments, agencies, regulators, industry sectors, associations, and think tanks to advocate for cybersecurity and privacy policies and capacity-building.

The data protection seal aims to help platforms comply with the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act and upcoming regulations. Preserving privacy while analyzing deepfake content related to sensitive issues is crucial to combat misinformation and protect user data. However, analyzing content authenticity without revealing it to the platform is a significant challenge, but essential in the fight against deepfakes.

The data protection seal program is currently being piloted with partner organizations and is operational in Delhi and Bengaluru. DSCI plans to train multiple batches of DPOs to help organizations comply with the DPDP Act. This initiative will enhance data privacy practices and build trust among users, knowing their data is handled responsibly.

DSCI’s efforts in establishing a data protection seal and training DPOs demonstrate their commitment to secure and ethical use of user data. By engaging with stakeholders and advocating for policies, DSCI aims to create a robust data protection ecosystem in India.

As the digital landscape evolves, organizations must prioritize user privacy and data protection. The introduction of the data protection seal by DSCI is a significant step towards this goal. With the increasing prevalence of deepfakes and other cybersecurity challenges, platforms must adhere to strict privacy standards to maintain user trust and protect sensitive information.

In conclusion, the launch of the data protection seal by the Data Security Council of India plays a crucial role in safeguarding user privacy and promoting responsible data handling by platforms nationwide. As the program expands and more DPOs are trained, it is expected to make a significant contribution to the fight against deepfakes and the overall improvement of data privacy practices. With DSCI’s commitment to creating a secure and ethical data protection ecosystem, users can trust that their personal information is handled with care and responsibility.