Infosys Propels the AI Revolution Forward

by | Jun 24, 2023

Infosys Leads the Way in Artificial Intelligence with Springboard Initiative

Infosys, a global leader in digital services and consulting, is taking a significant step forward in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with its Infosys Springboard initiative. The program covers various AI segments, such as generative AI, deep learning, and natural language processing, with the aim of enabling digital skills on a global scale. Infosys plans to empower over 10 million people in India through the Infosys Springboard program.

The company has recently announced a free AI training program that will provide comprehensive coverage of essential disciplines within data science. The certification consists of a broad range of courses encompassing numerous AI-related topics. Over 5.5 million people have already registered for Infosys Springboard, with the platform offering solutions for intelligent automation and AI-driven customer service.

Moreover, Infosys co-founder, Nandan Nilekani, recently announced a $38 million donation to IIT Bombay for research in AI. Additionally, Infosys has launched an AI-focused platform named Topaz with 12,000 use cases. Upon completion of the courses provided by the Infosys Springboard Virtual Learning Platform, the company provides a certificate of achievement.

Undoubtedly, AI is the future, and Infosys is leading the way with its Infosys Springboard initiative. The company is providing individuals and organizations with access to the latest AI technology and expertise to help them stay ahead of the curve, empowering over 10 million people in India through the Infosys Springboard program.

As AI has the potential to change the way we browse the internet, search for products, order our meals, and many other aspects of our daily life, Infosys is at the forefront of this trend. With specific programs for India, the United States, Europe, and Australia, Infosys is empowering individuals and organizations with the latest AI technology and expertise.

Infosys is playing a leading role in the development of AI. The company is ensuring that people across the world have access to the latest AI technology and skills. Infosys Springboard is not only training people but also providing solutions for organizations who want to implement AI-driven customer service and intelligent automation.

In conclusion, Infosys is spearheading the AI revolution. The initiative is already empowering millions of people, and with the latest donations and the launch of Topaz, the company is set to remain at the forefront of AI development. The potential impact of AI is enormous, and Infosys is ensuring that people and organizations can make the most of this technology. The future of AI is here, and Infosys is making it a reality.