Irish Business Titans Champion Sustainability, Bolster Cybersecurity in Digital Era Shift

by | Nov 10, 2023

Business leaders in Ireland are actively adapting to the changing digital landscape by focusing on improving data protection, driving innovation, and strengthening cyber defenses. The recent Digital Pulse Survey provides insights into the strategies and priorities of businesses in Ireland during this new era.

According to the survey, most companies in Ireland have fully embraced digital transformation and recognize its positive impact on sustainability goals. Over 80% of businesses believe that technology has played a crucial role in driving their sustainability efforts. This aligns with the trend of companies using technology to improve energy efficiency, with 37% actively adopting technologies to reduce energy costs. Additionally, 20% of companies are using technology to lower carbon emissions, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.

However, technology also introduces new risks, particularly in the form of cyber attacks. The survey reveals that cyber risk remains a top concern for business leaders, with an increasing number of attacks cited as the main obstacle to achieving strong cyber resilience. Conor Morris, the managing director of Executive Institute, emphasizes the need for businesses to take proactive action to strengthen their cyber defenses in the face of this growing threat.

To address this challenge, two-thirds of Irish businesses plan to increase their investments in cybersecurity. This reflects the recognition that a lack of in-house cyber skills and outdated technology can impede the achievement of strong cyber resilience. By planning and adopting current security strategies, businesses can better protect themselves against evolving cyber threats.

The survey also highlights the impact of flexible and remote working on cybersecurity. A significant 68% of companies have taken steps to mitigate the risks presented by this new working landscape. As nearly a quarter of companies now facilitate remote or hybrid working models, ensuring the security of data and networks becomes paramount. The research underscores the critical need for businesses to adapt their cybersecurity measures to these changing work environments.

The research, conducted jointly by Dell Technologies and the Executive Institute, reveals that 93% of companies have taken steps to enhance their data protection in the past year. This demonstrates a strong commitment to safeguarding sensitive information. Businesses recognize the importance of data protection in an interconnected and data-driven world, prompting them to take proactive measures to secure their data assets.

Furthermore, the survey highlights that almost half of companies plan to upgrade their technology in the next year. This aims to reduce energy costs and drive sustainable innovation. By leveraging advancements in technology, businesses are creating more efficient and environmentally friendly processes, contributing to a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the Digital Pulse Survey provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of business practices in Ireland. As companies embrace digital transformation, they are also improving data protection, driving innovation, and strengthening cyber defenses. By investing in cybersecurity and adopting proactive strategies, businesses can navigate the challenges posed by cyber threats and secure their digital future. In a world where technology continues to shape the business landscape, it is crucial for companies to remain adaptable, resilient, and forward-thinking to thrive in the digital era.