Join the Vanguard of Online Protection with Greenwich University’s Elite Cyber Security Fellowship

by | May 6, 2024

In the evolving sphere of cyber security, the University of Greenwich has emerged as a vanguard, heralding a new era of research with its recent announcement seeking a Research Fellow to fortify the digital sanctuaries of Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality (XR) environments. Revealed as a significant development on April 19, 2024, this role is anticipated to be instrumental in sculpting the technological terrain of the future, proffering an unparalleled channel for breakthroughs at the confluence of digital innovation and security.

The fellowship is a key component of the Horizon Europe project SUN, an expansive consortium that amalgamates over fifteen European entities in a concerted endeavor to dissolve the boundaries between our tangible reality and digital enhancements. The overarching goal of the project is to weave virtual and actual elements into an indistinguishable tapestry, elevating our quotidian existence while maintaining an unyielding stance on security.

At the helm of this initiative is Professor George Loukas, a distinguished luminary in the field of cyber security, poised to guide the chosen fellow. The appointee will be tasked with the pivotal creation of a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system, envisioned to be the vigilant guardian of XR platforms. This vanguard system is designed to alert users to potential cyber threats, ensuring that the convergence of real and virtual worlds is not merely enveloping but fortified against digital peril.

The University is in pursuit of an extraordinary individual, someone who embodies a visionary spirit and possesses a doctoral degree in computer science, engineering, or a related discipline. The ideal candidate will be seasoned in augmented reality technologies, such as Hololens, virtual reality platforms like META, or other XR software development. A profound understanding of OpenXR and cyber security methodologies will be essential for the successful navigation of the daily rigors associated with this role.

Comprehending the commitment this avant-garde position demands, the University of Greenwich offers a competitive remuneration package, ranging from £37,099 to £42,978 annually, enhanced by a £4,069 London allowance. This package is a testament to the University’s dedication to drawing premier talent, reflecting both the dynamism of the city and its notable living expenses.

Beyond the financial remuneration, this role, slated as a fixed-term appointment until November 2025, is eligible for sponsorship under the UK Government’s Skilled Worker Route application. This inclusive policy invites international scholars to bring their acumen to the UK’s dynamic academic sphere.

At the core of Greenwich’s principles lie diversity and inclusion, with the institution extending its hospitality to applicants from traditionally under-represented groups within academia. This encompasses individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, the disabled, and members of the LGBT+ community. The University is committed to cultivating an environment where diversity thrives, and each member’s well-being is paramount. Candidates are encouraged to share any mental health experiences, with the assurance of sensitive and confidential handling of such information.

The University’s dedication to pioneering work, equality, and diversity is further evidenced by its distinction as an NCSC Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. To join this endeavor is to contribute towards a digitally secure future and to be an integral part of a community that prizes discovery, innovation, and meaningful contributions to the field of cyber security.

With the application deadline of May 17, 2024, on the horizon, candidates stand at the cusp of an opportunity to join a forward-thinking project that stands at the forefront of extended reality, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. This fellowship extends beyond the realm of conventional employment—it is an open call to immerse oneself in pioneering research set to redefine our understanding of digital security in an increasingly interconnected world.

The University of Greenwich is not merely extending a job proposition; it is inviting collaboration in a trailblazing enterprise at the nexus of advanced technology, robust security, and creative innovation. For those willing to delve into the intricacies of cyber security within the realms of augmented, virtual, and extended realities, this position promises not just a professional advancement but a journey replete with intellectual challenges, personal growth, and the chance to leave an indelible imprint on the domain of digital interactions.