Leading Change: Nadene Serman’s Mission at InfoTrack

by | Jul 5, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, InfoTrack has emerged as a vanguard of innovation over the past two decades, with Nadene Serman, the Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO), at the helm. Recently nominated for Female Cyber Security Leader of the Year, Serman is not only a driving force behind InfoTrack’s technological advancements but also a fervent advocate for women in STEM. In an exclusive interview with TechDay, Serman delves into the intricacies of driving innovation, enhancing cybersecurity, and promoting gender diversity in the tech industry.

InfoTrack’s mission to innovate is a cornerstone of its operations, and Serman articulates this vision with clarity and passion. “InfoTrack’s core mission is to innovate,” she states. “We aim to modernize professional practices by addressing challenges and opening new avenues for growth and profitability.” Operating across Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, and boasting over 400 employees in the Australasian region, InfoTrack’s influence is expansive and impactful. Under Serman’s leadership, the company has achieved substantial milestones in cybersecurity, including the fortification of its Global Security team and the enhancement of its overall security posture to adeptly manage potential threats.

Serman’s approach to business transformation emphasizes a collective commitment to cybersecurity. “Winning hearts and minds is crucial to ensure every department understands that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility,” she asserts. Her leadership style, characterized by collaboration and transparency, has been instrumental in bolstering InfoTrack’s cyber resilience. A notable achievement under her guidance was leading a comprehensive cyber assessment to identify the company’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Moreover, she advanced the company’s ISO certification and championed a ‘shift left’ mentality by integrating static application security testing to detect risks early.

Beyond her technical prowess, Serman is a staunch advocate for women in STEM. “We need more women in STEM because they bring diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and a genuine drive to push the industry forward,” she emphasizes. She mentors other women in the field and actively participates in InfoTrack’s Internal Women in Technology Group, demonstrating her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.

InfoTrack’s suite of over 4,500 products, including verification of identity, electronic signing, settlement services, searches, and certificates, exemplifies its commitment to digital transformation. These solutions empower clients to efficiently find, analyze, organize, and communicate information. “InfoTrack continues to evolve our products and services to further our goal of digital transformation across professional industries,” Serman highlights. The company’s investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning underscores its dedication to innovation, enhancing efficiency and user experience while maintaining the highest security standards for client data.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to hybrid work posed significant challenges for InfoTrack’s clients, yet the company was well-positioned to offer support. “During the constant uncertainty of the pandemic, many services that people relied on became less accessible. This was a critical time when clients turned to InfoTrack, as experts in digital innovation, to help transform their manual processes,” Serman explains. InfoTrack’s adaptability has been a key factor in its success, as clients trust that the company’s solutions can meet the demands of a modern business environment.

Building strong partnerships with well-known and trusted industry partners has also been a strategic focus for InfoTrack. “Integrating with reputable industry partners enables our clients to establish seamless digital connections within their businesses, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity,” Serman notes. These partnerships are pivotal in providing clients with comprehensive, interconnected solutions that drive operational excellence.

Looking ahead, Serman is optimistic about InfoTrack’s trajectory. “As the Global Chief Technology Officer, I am a key protagonist of innovation and an enabler of InfoTrack’s next stage of growth. My focus is on solidifying InfoTrack’s cybersecurity position to ensure we have the expertise and support needed to innovate and expand,” she concludes.

Under the guidance of leaders like Nadene Serman, InfoTrack’s commitment to innovation, cybersecurity, and inclusivity in STEM ensures its continued prominence as a pioneer in the technology sector. The company’s vision for the future, coupled with its strategic initiatives and collaborative ethos, positions it to set new standards and drive transformative change within the industry.