Leveraging AI to Elevate Media Management in Eastern Partnership Countries

by | Feb 10, 2024

A new program called “Foundations of AI in the Newsroom” has been launched. Its goal is to teach media managers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine the necessary skills for journalism in today’s ever-changing media landscape. The program, which lasts for nine weeks, is supported by the EU-funded EU4IndependentMedia program and aims to strengthen independent media in the Eastern Partnership countries.

In today’s fast-paced media industry, staying ahead is essential for media managers. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and advancements in technology, media professionals need to understand and utilize AI in their newsrooms. The “Foundations of AI in the Newsroom” program has been created specifically for this purpose.

The program’s main objective is to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge about AI applications in the newsroom. Over the nine-week duration, media managers will take part in five lessons and a final assignment. They will learn about the operational aspects of AI and its impact on the media industry. The program covers various topics, from technical skills to ethical considerations.

To ensure effective learning, the course content and interactions will be in local languages. This allows participants to fully engage with the concepts. However, all assignments must be submitted in English to encourage international collaboration and a common language among media professionals from different regions.

Additionally, the program aims to facilitate networking among media professionals in the Eastern Partnership countries. Local facilitators will review assignments and provide feedback during online tutorials, enhancing the learning experience. Completion of the module is required to be considered for DT-Global funded production support, incentivizing active engagement throughout the program.

Importantly, this program focuses on practical application rather than just theory. Participants are expected to dedicate 1-2 hours per week for nine weeks, excluding the final assignment. By investing their time and effort, media managers can fully utilize AI to drive innovation and efficiency in their newsrooms.

Furthermore, the program offers an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills. Proposals for production support should incorporate key learnings and tools from the program. An expert panel will review these proposals, and up to 30 awards, each valued at €15,000, may be given to the most promising projects.

If you’re interested in joining this program, the application deadline is Friday, 16 February. Prospective candidates should submit their applications promptly. Strong English skills are required for effective communication and collaboration throughout the program.

The program concludes with the top proposal from each local chapter traveling to Copenhagen for the prestigious WAN-IFRA News Media Congress. This international event provides a platform for media professionals to showcase their projects, exchange ideas, and stay updated on industry trends.

By equipping media managers with AI foundations and its implications in the news media industry, this program aims to empower the independent media sector in the Eastern Partnership countries. Participants will enhance their professional skills and contribute to the resilience and financial sustainability of the media landscape in their countries.

In a fast-changing media environment, the “Foundations of AI in the Newsroom” program is crucial for media managers to stay ahead, embrace new technologies, and drive impactful change in the industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. Apply now and unlock the potential of AI in your newsroom.