Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands Immediate Oversight on AI-Generated Deepfakes in London

by | Feb 15, 2024

In a time when the truth of online content is often doubted, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan is a strong voice for the control of AI-created deepfakes. His push for action grew stronger after he was the victim of a fake deepfake audio that spread lies, leading to a wave of hate on social media.

The fake audio, made with advanced AI to sound like Khan’s voice, insulted the annual Remembrance weekend and wrongly focused on pro-Palestine marches. The timing was meant to cause trouble and harm public peace. This event shows how deepfake tech can be used as a weapon, putting democracy at risk.

Khan, in charge of London’s finances, says new laws for AI deepfakes are needed to stop the spread of lies online. He warns that deepfakes threaten politics and freedom, and letting them go unchecked is dangerous for democracy.

The deepfake was traced back to a TikTok account known for anti-immigration and racist posts. Its spread on social media was an attempt to upset people and damage Khan’s image. Even though the police found no crime, the incident showed how AI deepfakes can cause real harm.

The attack on Khan revealed the dark side of the internet and how quickly false information can spread. As the one overseeing London’s services and policies, Khan knows the risks to public debate and trust.

This call to control AI deepfakes is part of a global discussion on the ethics and laws around this new tech. The risk of deepfakes shaking trust in true information sources and deepening social divides has led to calls for action to protect public talk.

Khan’s bad experience shows why governments, tech firms, and others must work together to limit the danger of AI deepfakes. Changing digital content, like audio and video, can deeply affect political talks, voting truth, and the trust that democracy needs. We must set clear rules and strong defenses to spot and stop deepfakes, and hold those who make and share them responsible.

As AI gets better, the threat of deepfakes grows, urging us to act fast to prevent harm. The case with Mayor Khan reminds us that time is running out, and we need to work hard to make people aware and protect them.

Mayor Khan’s strong position on the need for AI deepfake rules is a guide for leaders everywhere. By working as one, we can protect the truth, keep public trust, and save democracy’s values in the face of digital challenges. This crucial moment demands quick and full action to fight the twisting of reality by AI.