MCI Group Acquires BYC, Revolutionizing Global BPO and Customer Experience Services

by | Feb 20, 2024

In a clever move that has drawn the attention of the outsourcing and customer service sectors, MCI Group has greatly grown its international reach by buying BYC Aqua, a South African leader in outsourcing and call center service quality tech. CEO Anthony Marlowe is steering MCI through this purchase, showing the company’s commitment to technological advances and its growing global influence.

The deal has caused quite a stir, marking a major boost to MCI’s tech capabilities and its competitive edge in the market. BYC Aqua’s sophisticated AI and its record in service make MCI a powerful player, drawing on South Africa’s wealth of tech expertise. This strategic step aims to improve MCI’s service quality and range, pushing it to new heights of performance.

BYC Aqua is known for top-notch quality service and has clients across continents, including South Africa, Australia, and the UK. Its ability to offer services in over 150 languages, with many African dialects, makes BYC a key player in the outsourcing field. This language skill is crucial in an industry where customer connection and comprehension are key.

This acquisition is a game-changer for both MCI and BYC, as they join forces to enhance their worldwide services. MCI’s wide array of services, including AI, outsourcing, customer solutions, and cloud tech, is now enriched by BYC’s quality tech and AI services. This merger aims to boost MCI’s role in the South African market, known for its tech innovation.

MCI’s track record of growth and innovation has been recognized, earning a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies. This honor shows MCI’s drive to exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks of excellence. With BYC Aqua now part of MCI, the company is well-placed to continue expanding, making big changes in the outsourcing and customer service sectors.

This acquisition is more than just access to the vibrant Cape Town market; it’s about MCI’s wider plans for global growth. By adding BYC’s tech and expertise, MCI is redefining outsourcing and customer service globally. This is part of a larger vision where MCI isn’t just following trends but creating them, leading to a new era of industry leadership and top service.

MCI Group’s decision to merge with BYC Aqua is a key step in becoming a leader in outsourcing and customer services. With a focus on constant innovation, strong quality control, and improved customer experience, MCI is shaping the industry’s future. This partnership strengthens MCI’s commitment to delivering unparalleled services to a growing global customer base, affirming its position as a visionary and leader in the evolving world of business services.