M&S Technologies Introduces Advanced VR Headset Featuring SmarTracker 2: A New Era in Visual Field Testing

by | Dec 29, 2023

M&S Technologies, a leading company in visual field testing, has introduced their latest innovation: the Smart System VR headset. This advanced device is set to revolutionize the process of visual field testing.

Gone are the days of uncomfortable devices. The Smart System VR headset has been designed with comfort in mind for technicians and patients. Its ergonomic design ensures a seamless testing experience, transforming the industry.

One standout feature of this headset is SmarTracker 2 technology. This software takes patient fixation during visual field testing to a new level, guaranteeing more precise results. By using the headset’s cameras to monitor patient fixation, the SmarTracker 2 software ensures accurate data collection.

But the Smart System VR headset offers more than just advanced software. It also has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing a wide range of visual field tests to be conducted. Whether it’s full threshold, Esterman, 10-2, 24-2, or 30-2 visual fields, this device provides a comprehensive evaluation of aspects like ptosis, contrast sensitivity, stereo vision, and color vision.

To improve accessibility, the Smart System VR headset provides audio instructions in eight languages. This feature ensures clear communication and eliminates language barriers that could impede the testing process. Now, patients from diverse backgrounds can undergo visual field testing with ease.

When it comes to accuracy, the Smart System VR headset leaves no room for compromise. The integrated SmarTracker 2 software instantly alerts patients if they lose fixation during the test. This real-time feedback empowers patients to maintain focus, resulting in consistent and reliable results.

In addition to its advanced features, the Smart System VR headset is highly portable and flexible. It comes with a tablet and two remote controls, offering a user-friendly experience for technicians and patients. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for clinics and healthcare professionals who prioritize efficiency and accuracy.

The Smart System VR headset was unveiled at the prestigious Academy ’23, generating significant interest within the medical community. Its integration of SmarTracker 2 technology sets it apart from conventional visual field testing devices, offering a more advanced and accurate solution.

M&S Technologies has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the Smart System VR headset is no exception. By incorporating SmarTracker 2 technology into their VR headset, they have taken a monumental leap forward in improving patient fixation during visual field testing.

Accurate visual field testing is crucial for detecting and monitoring various eye conditions, enabling early identification and treatment of ocular disorders. With the SmarTracker 2 software enhancing the accuracy of these tests, healthcare professionals can provide superior care.

In conclusion, M&S Technologies’ Smart System VR headset, with its integration of SmarTracker 2 technology, represents a breakthrough in visual field testing. This device offers a comfortable and user-friendly experience, ensuring maximum accuracy in test results. With its wide range of capabilities, the Smart System VR headset is set to become the industry standard in visual field testing technology. Get ready for a new era in ophthalmology.