Opencast Enhances Cybersecurity Measures with Appointment of New Security Chief

by | Jan 4, 2024

Opencast, a tech company, has taken a big step towards becoming a certified B Corporation by appointing Ros Grindrod as their Head of Security Services. Grindrod’s experience in information security and passion for ethical hacking make her a great fit for this role.

Grindrod has worked on big projects as part of Deloitte’s cyber security team, where she tested the online security systems of various organizations and engaged in ethical hacking. Her auditing experience also gives her a unique perspective on data security.

Before Deloitte, Grindrod served as the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) at LRQA Nettitude, helping organizations comply with regulations and develop best practices in data security. With her extensive experience, Grindrod is a recognized leader in the field.

Opencast’s decision to appoint Grindrod highlights their commitment to protecting their clients’ sensitive information. In her new role, Grindrod will work closely with the organization and its clients to ensure compliance with regulations and develop strong security practices.

Opencast has created a new position for Grindrod to expand their presence in London. Leading the company’s efforts to offer top-notch security services, Grindrod will help establish Opencast as a strong player in information security.

Grindrod’s journey to Opencast has been tied to her passion for technology and security. She built her own HTML website at a young age and completed a chemistry degree before starting her career in information security.

Opencast’s pursuit of B Corp certification aligns with Grindrod’s values. B Corps meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Grindrod has actively participated in Opencast’s B Corp application process, using her knowledge and expertise in data security.

This appointment shows Opencast’s dedication to continuously improving their offerings. By appointing Grindrod as the Head of Security Services, they demonstrate their commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions. With Grindrod in charge, Opencast clients can have confidence in the protection of their sensitive data and online presence.

Opencast’s latest appointment is a testament to their commitment to excellence and providing high-level security to their clients. With Grindrod leading the way, Opencast is set to reach new heights in information security. Together, they will revolutionize how businesses approach cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world.