Pioneering Partnership Unveils Crypto-Secure Switches to Shield Vital Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

by | Sep 19, 2023

In the digital world, cyber threats and regulatory standards pose security challenges for critical infrastructure operators. To tackle these concerns, Westermo Network Technologies and Eviden have joined forces. The partnership, announced on September 7, 2023, aims to develop cutting-edge security solutions for industrial data communications, with a focus on the railway industry.

Westermo and Eviden will create “crypto-secure” switches to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. These switches stand out because they can encrypt all or specific network traffic. This advanced encryption ensures the safety of sensitive data, even in the face of sophisticated threats. The switches also include intrusion detection and prevention systems for added protection against breaches.

An advantage of these switches is their crypto-agility. They are designed to adapt and improve, allowing operators to update cryptographic software via micro-SD memory cards. This flexibility helps operators stay ahead of evolving threats and meet regulatory requirements without costly hardware upgrades.

In terms of performance, the switches have separate hardware for high-speed data encryption and decryption. This, combined with the central processing unit (CPU), ensures optimal performance without slowdowns during intense data transmission. Operators can rely on these switches to maintain seamless operations while upholding strong security measures.

The partnership leverages Westermo’s expertise in industrial data communications and Eviden’s comprehensive security portfolio. Together, they provide end-to-end security for critical data communications.

To enhance security further, Eviden will incorporate plug-in hardware security modules (HSMs). These modules add another layer of protection to critical infrastructure systems. The goal is to surpass the security standards of existing models and provide advanced security solutions for critical infrastructure operators.

Westermo and Eviden aim to obtain rail industry certification for their joint product by the end of 2023. This certification will validate the reliability of the switches and their adherence to industry standards. The switches support various encryption algorithms, including AES-256, one of the most robust encryption standards available. This ensures highly secure data transmission, making it difficult for malicious actors to compromise sensitive information.

Partnerships like the one between Westermo and Eviden play a vital role in developing advanced security solutions for critical infrastructure operators. By addressing the unique challenges of the railway industry, this collaboration enhances the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure systems. Their joint efforts demonstrate a commitment to excellence and innovation in protecting vital infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Westermo Network Technologies and Eviden is a significant step towards strengthening the security of critical infrastructure operators. Through “crypto-secure” switches, these companies provide robust protection against cyber threats and ensure regulatory compliance. With their combined expertise, they enable end-to-end security for critical data communications, safeguarding the integrity and reliability of vital infrastructure systems.