Pitney Bowes and WANdisco Partner to Ensure 100% Uptime in Global Software Development

by | May 21, 2024

In a strategic effort to elevate its global software development operations and reinforce its competitive edge, Pitney Bowes has formed a partnership with WANdisco, opting for their SVN MultiSite solution. This move underscores Pitney Bowes’ dedication to eradicating downtime, boosting network speed, and safeguarding the availability and security of its source code data across a geographically dispersed team of over 1,300 developers in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. The necessity for a robust, dependable, and high-availability software solution was critical, and WANdisco’s cutting-edge technology has proven to meet these stringent requirements perfectly.

WANdisco, a premier provider of high-availability software solutions, has carved out a niche in assisting global enterprises in managing Big Data and distributed software development challenges. Central to WANdisco’s offerings is their patented active-active data replication technology, a transformative solution for ensuring high availability in a global setting. This technology guarantees continuous uptime and data protection, even if one server encounters downtime, by allowing other servers to seamlessly take over. Such reliability has cemented WANdisco as a trusted partner for Fortune Global 1000 companies, including Juniper Networks, Motorola, Intel, and Halliburton.

The effectiveness of WANdisco’s SVN MultiSite solution was recently validated by a Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report. According to this report, a Fortune 500 company with annual revenues exceeding $5 billion achieved an impressive 357% return on investment (ROI) within just two months of deploying SVN MultiSite. This study highlights the substantial economic benefits WANdisco’s technology can offer, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall financial performance for large enterprises.

Jacqueline Brown, Director of Global Engineering Services at Pitney Bowes, has praised the significant advantages that SVN MultiSite has introduced to the organization. Brown highlighted improvements in code quality and merge conflict resolution, both critical for maintaining high standards in software development. SVN MultiSite’s hot-backup and failover capabilities have ensured continuous availability and data protection, enabling developers to remain productive even during server downtime. By keeping updated copies of repositories at each location, SVN MultiSite has markedly reduced network latency and bolstered productivity. Developers now enjoy LAN-speed access to up-to-date source code, reducing wait times and facilitating continuous contributions to the codebase, which has led to notable improvements in productivity and shorter project completion times at Pitney Bowes.

WANdisco’s SVN MultiSite technology stands out due to its active-active replication capabilities, which enhance productivity and collaboration among global development teams. This feature allows developers to work seamlessly, even if a server goes down, by connecting to other servers without any disruption. This capability is crucial for maintaining the momentum of development activities and ensuring that progress is not impeded by technical issues. The active-active replication technology also provides seamless failover and recovery, ensuring that developers always have access to the most recent version of the source code. This reduces wait times and bottlenecks, enabling teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively on code development.

Beyond SVN MultiSite, WANdisco offers comprehensive enterprise solutions that support Hadoop Big Data and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), including Apache Subversion and Git. Their enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions address critical data challenges such as secure storage, scalability, and availability for globally distributed organizations. SVN MultiSite Plus, an enhanced version of the solution, provides additional features for organizations requiring advanced source code management. This includes continuous hot-backup and automatic failover for distributed development teams, ensuring that data is always protected and accessible.

For Pitney Bowes, the implementation of SVN MultiSite has enabled the company to standardize best practices across its globally distributed development team. This standardization has facilitated better collaboration and ensured high-quality, up-to-date source code across all locations. The conflict resolution capabilities of SVN MultiSite have also helped Pitney Bowes manage code changes more effectively, further enhancing the efficiency of their development processes. WANdisco’s technology has a proven track record of delivering significant ROI and improving business processes for organizations. The active-active replication technology not only enhances productivity but also reduces project completion times, making it a valuable asset for enterprises seeking to streamline their source code management processes.

The active-active replication technology of SVN MultiSite has dramatically improved productivity at Pitney Bowes by providing an updated copy of repositories at each development location. This setup has reduced network latency and allowed developers to access source code at LAN speed, significantly cutting down wait times and enabling continuous contributions to the codebase. The result has been a noticeable improvement in project completion times and overall efficiency. One of the key features of SVN MultiSite is its hot-backup and failover capabilities. These features have been pivotal for Pitney Bowes, ensuring that developers can continue their work uninterrupted even in the event of a server failure. The seamless failover and recovery process provided by WANdisco’s technology means there is no downtime, which is crucial for maintaining high availability and reliability in a globally distributed development environment.

Pitney Bowes’ selection of WANdisco’s SVN MultiSite solution exemplifies the robust capabilities and significant benefits that WANdisco offers. By addressing the critical needs of secure storage, scalability, and availability, WANdisco has established itself as a leader in high-availability software solutions. The implementation of SVN MultiSite has not only improved productivity and reduced project completion times for Pitney Bowes but also ensured continuous availability and data protection for their global development team. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of high-availability solutions in managing their source code repositories, WANdisco’s technology is poised to play an essential role in the global software development landscape. With a proven track record and a commitment to innovation, WANdisco is well-positioned to continue delivering significant value to enterprises worldwide, revolutionizing the way they manage and protect their source code data.