Reapit Unveils ‘Fi’: The AI Chatbot Transforming Customer Support

by | Feb 6, 2024

Reapit, a leading provider of real estate software, understands the importance of keeping up with evolving customer demands. Their latest innovation, Fi, an AI-powered chatbot, aims to revolutionize the customer experience by offering extra support.

Fi assists Reapit’s support team by answering customer queries 24/7. It has a vast knowledge base derived from thousands of training articles, ensuring prompt and accurate assistance. Fi does not replace human support but enhances their capabilities.

What sets Fi apart is its ability to customize attributes and adjectives in property records. This provides a personalized experience for agents and buyers, saving time and improving efficiency. Reapit automates this process, delivering genuine value and allowing customers to focus on other tasks.

Reapit’s AI strategy focuses on delivering tangible benefits without exaggeration. They understand the potential of AI to improve operations and provide greater value to customers. Fi exemplifies their commitment to enhancing the real estate experience.

Stuart Morris, Reapit’s VP of customer operations, emphasizes Fi’s role in assisting the support team during off-hours. The chatbot seamlessly integrates with Reapit’s customer service portal, ensuring prompt responses and streamlining internal processes.

Matt McGown, Reapit’s CPO, highlights the importance of Fi’s beta phase. Continuous training on a wide range of knowledge base articles ensures Fi becomes more knowledgeable and reliable over time. Reapit’s dedication to ongoing improvement enhances the customer experience.

Mark Armstrong, Reapit’s CEO, takes pride in offering estate agents cutting-edge technology solutions. He recognizes the industry’s reliance on AI advancements. Fi and the property descriptions tool are just the beginning of Reapit’s journey to revolutionize real estate.

Fi and the automated property descriptions tool have already saved significant time and improved efficiency for Reapit’s customers. Agents no longer need to spend hours crafting property descriptions; they can rely on Fi’s AI capabilities. This innovation allows agents to focus on serving clients and closing deals.

As the real estate industry embraces technology, Reapit remains dedicated to staying ahead. By combining their expertise with AI-powered solutions like Fi, they shape the future of the customer experience. Their commitment to delivering value and enhancing operations positions them as an industry leader.

In conclusion, Reapit’s AI-powered chatbot, Fi, revolutionizes the way estate agents interact with customers. Fi enhances the customer experience by promptly answering queries at any time. With a customizable property descriptions tool, Reapit saves agents time and improves efficiency. As AI continues to reshape the industry, Reapit remains at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that provide value to its customers.