Revolutionary AI-Powered App Enhances Powder Reuse Efficiency in 3D Printing

by | Feb 1, 2024

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has become more popular recently, especially with Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology. It can make intricate and complex parts, which has had a big impact on different industries. However, it has been difficult to use widely because it wastes expensive powders and takes a long time. This is where SMART-APP comes in. It’s an artificial intelligence tool developed by the Materials Processing Institute. Innovate UK has invested £600,000 in the project, which aims to improve how powders are reused in the AM industry.

The SMART-APP tool, which stands for Smart Materials Advanced Reuse Technology for Additive Manufacturing Processes, could solve the problems with metal AM. It’s a flexible, commercial, and predictive tool that manages how powders are reused. Its goal is to reduce powder waste, make powders last longer, and make metal AM production more cost-effective.

This collaboration brings together the Materials Processing Institute, Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd, and AMFG. They are mainly focusing on stainless steel, titanium, and superalloy base feedstock. The Materials Processing Institute is known for its expertise in studying powders and will lead the investigation into these materials. By carefully studying the materials and doing tests, the researchers want to find the best ways to reuse powders and see how it affects the final product.

The main goal of SMART-APP is to enable top-quality production of AM parts. The tool wants to connect powder properties to how well the parts perform. It wants to create a database that industry professionals can use to get valuable insights. This resource will help develop future AM processes and make manufacturing more efficient overall.

This collaboration is very important. With SMART-APP and its database, the AM industry will transform how it works and become more efficient and sustainable. By reducing powder waste, making powders last longer, and improving the production process, manufacturers can make complex parts while reducing costs.

One important part of this collaboration is creating an advanced database. SMART-APP will use the research findings to fill the database with information about powder properties, process parameters, and how they affect part performance. This resource will give manufacturers the knowledge they need to make good decisions, improve their AM processes, and innovate in their industries.

Metal AM has the potential to change industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical. But problems with powder waste and processing time have stopped it from being used widely. SMART-APP wants to fix these problems and make metal AM a cost-effective and practical solution.

In the future, the tool developed through this collaboration will be available for anyone to use. It won’t just be limited to the research project. As manufacturing continues to change, SMART-APP will drive innovation and make the AM industry more productive and cost-effective.

To sum up, the collaboration led by the Materials Processing Institute, with funding from Innovate UK, will revolutionize the Additive Manufacturing sector. SMART-APP, the AI tool developed in this project, will help manufacturers predict changes in powder quality, suggest different parameters, and make the most of expensive powders. By solving the problems with powder waste and processing time, SMART-APP will make the metal AM industry more sustainable and efficient. This collaboration is a big step towards achieving top-quality AM production and unlocking the full potential of this game-changing technology.