Salisbury Hospital Enhances Children’s Care with Innovative Virtual Reality Therapy Program

by | Feb 10, 2024

Salisbury Hospital’s Sarum Children’s Ward has made great progress in improving the hospital experience for young patients through the use of a virtual reality (VR) therapy kit. Sponsored by the hospital’s charity, Stars Appeal, this innovative technology aims to change pediatric care by giving children a way to escape from the difficulties of medical treatments.

The VR therapy kit costs £6,000 and offers a variety of immersive experiences that transport children into exciting three-dimensional worlds. With games, space adventures, safaris, and beach trips, the VR headset provides a realistic and engaging experience, making the hospital stay more enjoyable.

Seven-year-old Khloe Mann from Durrington had the chance to explore the African wilderness through the VR headset. As a lion lover, Khloe found the virtual safari thrilling and calming. Nine-year-old Arya Smith from Wilton also benefited from the VR headset, which served as a welcome distraction during her time in the hospital. Arya fully immersed herself in the virtual world by playing games. Both children expressed how the VR therapy kit had a positive impact on their overall hospital experience.

Natasha Long, the Play Specialist on Sarum Ward, recognizes the value of the VR therapy kit in enhancing the hospital experience for children. The kit’s ability to capture their attention and transport them to different worlds gives Natasha a valuable tool to engage with young patients and create a positive and enjoyable environment.

Parents have also praised the VR therapy kit for keeping their children’s minds occupied during their hospital stay. This distraction not only reduces anxiety but also allows children to temporarily escape the hospital and immerse themselves in a different world.

The versatility of the VR therapy kit is one of its most significant advantages. The equipment can be brought to the children’s bedside, ensuring that even those who can’t leave their beds can benefit from the immersive experience. This feature is particularly useful during treatments and procedures like blood tests, where the VR headset acts as a welcome diversion, providing comfort and reducing distress.

The introduction of the VR therapy kit is made possible by the generous support of Stars Appeal supporters. Their contributions have transformed the hospital experience for many children, making their time in the hospital less intimidating and more enjoyable.

The impact of the VR therapy kit goes beyond entertainment. The technology creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere for children, offering a soothing effect during their hospital stay. By transporting young patients to different worlds, the VR therapy kit provides a break from the stresses and challenges of their medical conditions.

Medical professionals, including Play Specialist Natasha Long, have seen firsthand the positive impact of the VR therapy kit on children’s experiences in the hospital. The kit not only keeps their minds occupied but also helps reduce their anxiety, contributing to a more positive and comfortable hospital stay.

Salisbury Hospital’s investment in the VR therapy kit shows their commitment to improving the well-being of young patients. By embracing innovative technologies and investing in their care, the hospital is revolutionizing the hospital experience and ensuring that children receive the best possible care.

As the VR therapy kit continues to be embraced by Sarum Children’s Ward, it is clear that this innovative technology has the potential to transform pediatric care. By providing an escape and engaging distraction, the VR therapy kit is revolutionizing the hospital experience for children, making their time in the hospital more pleasant and less intimidating.

In conclusion, Salisbury Hospital’s investment in the VR therapy kit demonstrates their dedication to the well-being of children. With the support of Stars Appeal and the positive feedback from young patients and their families, it is clear that virtual reality technology has the power to shape a brighter future for pediatric healthcare.