Samana Developers Unveils ‘Golf Views’ – A Dh300mn Game-Changer in Dubai Sports City Living

by | Aug 22, 2023

Dubai Sports City is about to witness a groundbreaking development that will revolutionize the concept of healthy, sustainable, and futuristic living. Samana Developers, a well-known Dubai-based developer, has recently unveiled its ambitious new project, Samana Golf Views, with a budget of Dh300 million. This project is set to redefine the way people live in Dubai Sports City.

Scheduled for completion in Q2 2026, Samana Golf Views offers a total of 243 apartments in different configurations to suit individual preferences. Whether residents want furnished or unfurnished options, Samana Developers has made sure there is something for everyone. Covering a vast area of 298,935.90 square feet, this project is part of a series of launches planned for 2023.

One of the standout features of Samana Golf Views is its position overlooking The Els Club Golf Course. Designed by golfer Ernie Els, this course seamlessly integrates exceptional design elements with the surrounding desert landscape. The presence of The Els Club Golf Course offers residents not only a recreational facility but also inspiration for a healthy and active lifestyle.

To cater to the active lifestyle of its residents, Samana Golf Views includes a professionally designed skate park. This addition provides a space for both children and adults to engage in outdoor activities and experience the thrill of skateboarding. Alongside the skate park, the project also features sports courts, a jogging track, and a walking river, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all residents.

What sets Samana Golf Views apart is the inclusion of private pools in select apartments. With a main swimming pool, leisure pool deck, and kids’ pool, residents can enjoy a refreshing swim at their convenience. This feature makes Samana Golf Views the first project in the neighborhood to offer built-in private pools, adding a touch of luxury to the living experience.

For those who enjoy golfing but want a different experience, The Els Club Golf Course offers a Virtual Reality (VR) golfing experience. This innovative feature allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual golfing world, enhancing their skills and enjoyment.

In addition to the recreational amenities, Samana Golf Views also emphasizes the well-being and security of its residents. The project includes a VR Golf Experience, sauna and steam room, outdoor cinema, BBQ area, indoor and outdoor gyms, and 24-hour security. These facilities ensure that residents have access to leisure and relaxation while enjoying a safe community.

The prime location of Dubai Sports City is another major draw for prospective residents. With easy access to Al Khail Road and Hessa Street, residents can enjoy proximity to popular attractions. This advantageous location sets Dubai Sports City apart and ranks it among the top 10 sought-after places to live in Dubai. With its vibrant community and diverse range of amenities, Samana Golf Views adds appeal to this coveted neighborhood.

Samana Developers understands the financial aspect of property investment and aims to provide peace of mind to investors. They guarantee a competitive 24% return on investment and offer a flexible 8-year payment plan, making Samana Golf Views accessible to a wider range of potential buyers.

Imran Farooq, the CEO of Samana Developers, expressed his enthusiasm about Samana Golf Views, stating, “This project reflects our commitment to creating sustainable communities that prioritize the well-being of our residents. We strive to deliver projects that go beyond the conventional and offer unique experiences.”

Samana Golf Views is not just a residential project but also facilitates the conversion of apartments into serviced apartments for sub-leasing. This feature benefits both homeowners and guests, providing an opportunity for rental income and offering a comfortable stay for those visiting Dubai.

With its focus on healthy living, stunning views of The Els Club Golf Course, and a range of recreational amenities, Samana Golf Views is set to set a new standard of living in Dubai Sports City. As the first project of Samana Developers in this neighborhood, it showcases their commitment to innovation and excellence.

As Dubai continues to evolve and attract investors from around the world, Samana Golf Views stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to creating sustainable, futuristic, and luxurious living spaces. With its strategic location, modern design, and a plethora of amenities, this project is positioned to become a sought-after address for those seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle in Dubai.