Sentrycs Earns Coveted Place in UK’s Premier National Security Catalogue

by | Apr 25, 2024

On April 25, 2024, the security technology sector witnessed a notable advancement as Sentrycs secured a place in the UK National Protective Security Authority Catalogue of Security Equipment (NPSA CSE). This inclusion underscores the company’s pioneering counter-drone technology, which is being lauded for its potential to redefine industry benchmarks and bolster the security of controlled airspace. This recognition is a testament to Sentrycs’ role as a beacon of innovation in the design of adaptive counter-drone measures that safeguard against the growing threat of unauthorized drone usage, a pressing concern in our increasingly tech-centric world.

Founded in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 2017, Sentrycs has rapidly emerged as a leader in the field of security technology. The company’s swift rise speaks volumes about its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation while upholding the highest standards of excellence. With a presence in both Israel and the United States, Sentrycs represents the fruits of international cooperation, rallying around the shared goal of ensuring a secure future, free from the perils presented by unregulated drone activity. The validation from the esteemed UK authority further solidifies Sentrycs’ mission to be at the vanguard of an era where drone safety is paramount.

At the core of Sentrycs’ technological achievements is its Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) solution, which has successfully met the stringent Detection, Tracking, and Identification (DTI) criteria set by the NPSA. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and its resolve to confront intricate security challenges with unparalleled precision and reliability have garnered due recognition. Renowned for its high-precision targeting and absence of false alarms, the system has proved to be a vital tool in safeguarding various sensitive environments, such as airports, border regions, correctional facilities, infrastructure sites, and during large-scale public gatherings.

Another key factor contributing to Sentrycs’ triumph is the strategic choice to be assessed under Configuration D, which highlighted the system’s advanced 3D capabilities, including Ground Control Station (GCS) detection and platform identification. The comprehensive evaluation conducted in August 2023 at the NPSA’s testing grounds illuminated Sentrycs’ adroit employment of cyber techniques to efficiently extract information from targets. This not only demonstrated the company’s technical acumen but also its ability to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing security threat landscape.

Leadership is undeniably crucial in steering a company to prominence, and Sentrycs’ ascent can be largely attributed to CEO Yoav Zaltzman’s visionary leadership. Zaltzman has cultivated a culture of innovation and trust within the company, positioning Sentrycs as a dependable collaborator in the endeavor to enhance airspace security. The NPSA CSE’s endorsement of Sentrycs serves as strong validation of the company’s exceptional prowess and its reputation as a vanguard of innovation.

For security experts and organizations worldwide, the availability of Sentrycs’ technology within the NPSA CSE represents a transformative development. It provides assurance of advanced functionalities, dependability, and intuitive interfaces that are crucial in the battle against illicit drone operations. This milestone reflects Sentrycs’ unwavering commitment to the pursuit of innovation and excellence, as well as its influential role in sculpting the future of airspace security.

Sentrycs’ journey from its inception to its current status as a pivotal force in the global security sector is characterized by persistent innovation, astute leadership, and a profound grasp of the challenges presented by unauthorized drones. Being part of the NPSA CSE not only solidifies Sentrycs’ authority in adaptive counter-drone solutions but also signifies a collective stride toward a safer future where drones are managed responsibly.

As Sentrycs presses on to expand its technological repertoire and influence within the security technology landscape, its contributions are indelibly shaping the standards of safety and effectiveness. The company is not merely reactive to the current security needs but proactively anticipates and addresses the complexities of tomorrow’s challenges. With a clear vision to advance national and international airspace security, Sentrycs is poised to lead the way in fostering cutting-edge innovation and establishing the benchmark in the ever-evolving domain of security technology.