Steering Forward: Tackling Hurdles and Innovations in Smart Driving

by | Sep 26, 2023

Intelligent driving and connected vehicles have changed the automotive industry, bringing convenience and efficiency. However, these advancements have also exposed the industry to security risks. The recent Jiading District Intelligent Connected Vehicles and Cyber Security Forum highlighted these vulnerabilities and emphasized the need to address them. From remote attacks to privacy concerns and data security, the industry must find innovative solutions to strengthen vehicle security. This article explores the main points from the forum, highlighting collaborative efforts and cutting-edge solutions for a secure future in intelligent driving.

One of the speakers at the forum, Hu Miao from Nio, stressed the importance of securing the intelligent cabin. He pointed out potential weaknesses that hackers could exploit, highlighting the need for strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data. Exposing security interfaces in vehicles is a significant risk, so effective safeguards must be developed.

Recognizing the need for collaboration, the forum led to the establishment of the Jiading District Automotive Enterprise Cyber Security Alliance. This alliance aims to create a protective ecosystem and promote industry development. By bringing together stakeholders from the government, industry, academia, and research, the alliance seeks to unite against security threats, establish security standards, and implement regulations.

Experts at the forum shared insights into current cyber attacks and security risks faced by intelligent connected vehicles. Liu Jianhao, head of information security at Baidu Apollo, emphasized the importance of enhancing security within the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platform. He proposed a new cyber security management model that utilizes cybersecurity professionals and social forces to effectively protect the industry.

Situated in Jiading, a district known for its thriving automotive industry, the forum showcased a comprehensive industry chain ecosystem. With over 200 key Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) firms, Jiading is a hub for innovation in software research and development, hardware production, and operation. This concentration of expertise and resources makes Jiading an ideal location for addressing security challenges and driving innovation in the automotive sector.

As intelligent driving evolves, it enters the data-driven era. With vehicles becoming more connected and reliant on data, data security is crucial. The forum emphasized the importance of protecting privacy, preventing remote attacks, and implementing strong security measures to safeguard critical data. Attendees suggested enhancing the security of vehicle onboard systems, highlighting the need for ongoing innovation and collaboration in this rapidly evolving field.

In conclusion, the Jiading District Intelligent Connected Vehicles and Cyber Security Forum provided a platform to address security risks in intelligent driving. Through collaboration and the establishment of the Jiading District Automotive Enterprise Cyber Security Alliance, the industry is taking proactive steps to build a protective ecosystem and promote automotive sector development. With the combined efforts of the government, industry, academia, and research sectors, the future of intelligent driving can be secured, leading to safer and more efficient transportation systems.