Thales and Google Cloud Unite: Pioneering the Future of Cloud Data Security

by | Jun 29, 2023

Thales, a prominent technology and security company, has forged a groundbreaking partnership with Google Cloud that is poised to redefine data security in the cloud. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize how companies discover, classify, and safeguard their most sensitive data, addressing the escalating concerns surrounding data accessibility and protection.

Thales, a powerhouse in Defense & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Digital Identity & Security, boasts an impressive track record of success. With an astounding €17.6 billion in sales generated in 2022 and a global workforce of 77,000 employees, Thales is committed to making the world a safer, greener, and more inclusive place.

What truly sets Thales apart is its unwavering dedication to innovation. Investing a remarkable €4 billion annually in Research & Development, Thales remains at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions in quantum technologies, Edge computing, 6G, and cybersecurity, positioning themselves as industry leaders.

The recently released 2023 Thales Data Threat Report is an eye-opener, revealing that a staggering 76% of organizations are unaware of the whereabouts of their data. This lack of knowledge exposes them to potential security breaches and data leaks. Recognizing the criticality of this issue, Thales aims to tackle security challenges through the discovery and classification of sensitive information.

Sebastien Cano, Senior Vice President of Cloud Protection and Licensing activities at Thales, believes that the collaboration with Google Cloud will significantly enhance the performance of the Thales CipherTrust platform’s Intelligent Protection. By leveraging Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, Thales can provide their users with a more robust and effective data security solution.

So, what can we anticipate from this powerful partnership? The collaboration will introduce new AI-powered features and experiences to Thales’ CipherTrust data security platform. By employing advanced machine learning techniques, the platform’s Intelligent Protection service will enhance Data Discovery and Classification, harnessing semantic context to identify and categorize sensitive information from diverse corporate document repositories. This innovative approach ensures that sensitive data remains firmly within predefined boundaries, fortifying organizations against potential breaches.

Sunil Potti, General Manager and Vice President of Cloud Security at Google Cloud, emphasizes the paramount importance of data accessibility and protection in the cloud for enterprise success. The collaboration between Thales and Google Cloud aims to bridge the gap between security and accessibility, empowering organizations to harness the benefits of the cloud while keeping their data secure.

Thales’ generative AI strategy perfectly aligns with this partnership, enabling the seamless integration of AI-powered features into their CipherTrust platform. Leveraging Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, Thales can elevate the platform’s performance, offering their customers a state-of-the-art data security solution.

The integration of Thales’ CipherTrust Data Security Platform and Google Cloud’s AI capabilities will revolutionize how organizations approach data security in the cloud. With the ability to effectively discover, classify, and protect sensitive data, businesses can confidently embrace the cloud while mitigating the risks associated with data breaches.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the significance of robust data security becomes increasingly critical. The collaborative efforts of Thales and Google Cloud will not only transform data security but also establish new industry benchmarks. With their shared commitment to innovation and excellence, this partnership is poised to shape the future of data protection in the cloud.

In conclusion, the partnership between Thales and Google Cloud marks a significant milestone in the realm of data security. By combining Thales’ expertise in advanced technologies with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, this collaboration empowers organizations to safeguard their most sensitive data in the cloud. Through the integration of AI-powered features into the CipherTrust platform, Thales is revolutionizing how businesses approach data security, creating a safer and more secure digital landscape. With this formidable partnership, the future of data security in the cloud shines brighter than ever before.