Trimble’s Project Viewpoint Earns DART Accreditation for Superior Information Security

by | Nov 25, 2023

Trimble, a top provider of technology solutions for the construction industry, has reached a major milestone in ensuring the highest standards of information security amid increasing data breaches and cybersecurity threats. The company’s Viewpoint For Projects software has been granted MoD CyDR (DART) Accreditation, demonstrating Trimble’s unwavering commitment to delivering secure and trusted solutions to its customers. Peter Hodgson, senior engineering director at Trimble, commends this achievement as a testament to the product’s excellence.

Given the rising prevalence of cyber threats, Trimble has made safeguarding its customers’ data a top priority. The DART accreditation is especially noteworthy for customers involved in projects with the Ministry of Defense (MoD), as it ensures that Trimble’s Viewpoint For Projects meets the MoD’s stringent security requirements.

To obtain this accreditation, Trimble partnered with Cadmidium Services Ltd, a company experienced in working with the MoD. Cadmidium played a vital role in advising Trimble and supporting the accreditation process, showcasing their expertise and unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of information security.

Trimble’s Viewpoint For Projects, a collaborative project management software, has already received multiple Ciesecurity certifications, including ISO 27001, SOC II Type 2, Cyber Essentials Plus, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. These certifications further validate Trimble’s dedication to protecting customer data and ensuring system security.

The acquisition of DART accreditation solidifies Trimble’s standing as a trusted partner for customers operating in the defense sector. It provides assurance that Viewpoint For Projects’ data storage and processing systems meet the MoD’s rigorous security requirements. This accreditation brings peace of mind to customers handling confidential information, relying on Trimble’s technology to streamline their project management processes.

The significance of this accomplishment cannot be overstated. The MoD is renowned for its rigorous security standards, and achieving DART accreditation places Trimble’s Viewpoint For Projects among a select group of software solutions meeting these demanding requirements. It highlights Trimble’s commitment to excellence and dedication to upholding the highest levels of information security.

By obtaining DART accreditation, Trimble further solidifies its position as a leader in the construction technology industry. It assures customers that their data is protected, enabling them to focus on their projects without concerns about compromising sensitive information.

Peter Hodgson, senior engineering director at Trimble, recognizes the importance of DART accreditation, not only for the company but also for its customers. He believes that this achievement will enhance the reputation of Viewpoint For Projects and empower Trimble to continue delivering secure and trusted solutions to its valued customers.

In conclusion, Trimble’s Viewpoint For Projects has received MoD CyDR (DART) Accreditation, demonstrating the company’s dedication to the highest standards of information security. This accomplishment is particularly significant for customers engaged in projects with the MoD, ensuring that Trimble’s software aligns with the stringent security requirements set by the Ministry. With the support of Cadmidium Services Ltd, Trimble has demonstrated its expertise and commitment to providing secure and trusted solutions. The DART accreditation reinforces Trimble’s position as an industry leader, offering customers the peace of mind they need to focus on their projects without compromising data security.