UbiSim: Revolutionising Nurse Training through Immersive VR Technology

by | Oct 9, 2023

UbiSim is making progress in nursing education with its immersive virtual reality (VR) training platform. Due to limited access to hospitals and clinical sites, educational institutions worldwide struggle to provide hands-on training for nursing students. However, UbiSim has emerged as a game-changer by offering affordable, accessible, and realistic simulations that effectively prepare students for real-world situations.

Over the past year, UbiSim has experienced significant growth due to the global shortage of nursing staff, faculty, and clinical placements. The platform’s expansion has been remarkable, with a 117% increase in its customer base. Esteemed institutions like Boston Children’s Hospital, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing, and Mennonite College of Nursing at the University of Illinois have joined the UbiSim community, recognizing the platform’s potential in addressing the nursing shortage.

To solidify its leadership, UbiSim has partnered with Canadian institutions like Sheridan College and the College of Nursing at the University of Manitoba. These collaborations aim to provide innovative training solutions and bridge the gap in nursing education.

One standout feature of UbiSim is its library of over 50 simulations. Developed with nursing educators and simulation experts, these scenarios cover various medical conditions, from HIV/Shingles to type 1 diabetes and heart failure. By immersing students in these lifelike scenarios, UbiSim helps them develop essential skills like clinical judgment, critical thinking, and effective communication.

To enhance the user experience, UbiSim has introduced new usability features. These include a draft system for custom scenario creation, improved tutorial guidance, enhanced teleportation capabilities, heightened security standards, improved language localization, and a redesigned starting area inspired by hospital nursing stations. With these enhancements, UbiSim has made the platform more intuitive and user-friendly.

UbiSim’s simulations align with the Next Generation NCLEX test plan and AACN Essentials domains, meeting the learning objectives of nursing programs. The platform also recognizes the demand for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)-focused learning objectives, offering new and updated scenario characters that provide flexibility and representation.

In 2021, UbiSim was acquired by Labster, a provider of virtual laboratory simulations. This collaboration has propelled UbiSim’s growth and reach, strengthening its position in the industry and opening up new avenues for expansion.

UbiSim is utilized in nine countries worldwide and has partnerships with over 100 nursing institutions in North America and Europe. Its web-based authoring tool allows faculty to customize and design simulations to meet specific learning objectives. UbiSim offers a comprehensive range of features, enabling students to practice in diverse clinical settings.

Beyond its educational benefits, UbiSim addresses the financial burden of procuring and maintaining expensive simulation lab equipment, making nursing education more accessible and cost-effective. With the projected shortfall of health workers by 2030, this affordability and accessibility are crucial in preparing the next generation of nurses.

As UbiSim prepares to participate in the 2023 NLN Education Summit, its future looks promising. Its commitment to advancing nursing education through immersive VR training has garnered recognition and support from institutions worldwide.

In conclusion, UbiSim’s innovative approach is revolutionizing nursing education. By overcoming the limitations of traditional clinical placements and delivering a realistic, immersive experience, UbiSim empowers the next generation of nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their careers. With its widespread adoption and ongoing advancements, UbiSim is poised to shape the future of nursing education.