Velotix Joins Forces with Google Cloud: A New Era for Secure Data Access and Analytics

by | Oct 27, 2023

Velotix, a data security platform, has partnered with Google Cloud’s ecosystem to bring secure data access and analytics. By integrating with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and using the Data Catalog, Velotix offers tools that discover, classify, and protect data while enabling reliable analytics for BigQuery customers. This partnership reinforces data security and collaboration in the evolving technology landscape.

In today’s data-driven world, safeguarding sensitive information is crucial. Velotix’s platform protects against security risks, allowing organizations to fully utilize their data. By ensuring authorized access, Velotix enables data utilization without compromising security. This access control system protects information and helps organizations meet regulatory requirements.

The integration of Velotix with Google Cloud’s BigQuery is a significant milestone in data security. This integration enhances data protection and access management for BigQuery customers, providing heightened security and compliance. Velotix’s platform discovers and classifies data within BigQuery, giving organizations visibility and control over their data. Using Google Cloud’s Data Catalog, Velotix simplifies data classification and enables robust data governance.

Velotix is available on Google Marketplace, emphasizing a seamless user experience. This integration allows organizations to deploy and manage Velotix’s platform within their Google Cloud environment. The self-service portal enhances the user experience, providing a centralized location to track compliance and monitor data access.

In an era of data breaches, Velotix’s platform protects against risks, empowering organizations to utilize their data while maintaining compliance and privacy.

Velotix’s platform addresses scalability and reliability concerns for BigQuery customers. With the growth of data volumes, organizations need analytics solutions for large-scale data processing. The integration with BigQuery allows organizations to leverage Google Cloud’s infrastructure for efficient and scalable analytics.

The partnership between Velotix and Google Cloud strengthens data security and emphasizes collaboration. Joining Google Cloud’s ecosystem provides Velotix with resources and expertise for continuous innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

In conclusion, Velotix’s integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and utilization of the Data Catalog offers a comprehensive data security and analytics solution. With automatic data discovery, compliant access, and a self-service portal for monitoring and compliance tracking, Velotix empowers organizations to maximize the value of their data while ensuring security and privacy. Velotix is a trusted partner in secure and efficient data management, setting a precedent for collaboration and innovation in the technology landscape.