Virtual Tour Specialists Receive Funding to Enhance Accessibility in Travel

by | Mar 21, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of travel technology, a Devon-based company, Virtual Tour Experts, is gaining recognition for their trailblazing virtual tour innovations. The firm recently secured a grant that has the potential to fundamentally transform the travel industry by enhancing accessibility for travelers of all abilities. This development is a testament to the company’s relentless ambition to lead in innovation, particularly in creating inclusive travel experiences.

Virtual Tour Experts have established themselves as advocates for inclusive travel, consistently providing virtual tours that cater to a wide spectrum of individuals, including those with disabilities. Their commitment to crafting user-friendly virtual experiences has earned them acclaim and the backing of the wider industry. With this new grant, the company embarks on a pioneering project to develop a virtual tour of Exeter Airport, setting a precedent for accessible travel experiences.

At the heart of their initiative is a commitment to pioneering innovation and inclusivity in travel. The company has distinguished itself by focusing on virtual tours that accommodate individuals with reduced mobility. The forthcoming project involves the creation of a virtual reality tool that not only facilitates trip planning for customers with disabilities but also aims to diminish the travel-related anxieties they may face. This dedicated approach to democratizing travel aligns seamlessly with their aspiration to be at the forefront of accessible travel internationally.

Their extensive portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious partners such as Exeter University, Sunseeker, and the National Space Centre, demonstrating their versatility and prowess in creating immersive virtual experiences. Their work spans from luxury resorts in the United States to esteemed institutions like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, earning recognition from notable figures, including Bill Gates, who has acknowledged their work on social media.

The company’s commitment to inclusivity remains at the forefront of their operations. They have integrated British Sign Language into their virtual tours, extending their audience reach and showcasing their adaptability. In addition, they are developing a neurodivergent-friendly virtual tour, specifically designed to accommodate the needs of users on the autism spectrum. This initiative exemplifies their unwavering dedication to addressing a broad array of needs and requirements.

The Virtual Tour Experts’ success in securing grants, including the recent one from Connected Places Catapult, highlights their dedication to advancing the scope of virtual tour technology. This particular grant not only facilitates their foray into the aviation industry but also heralds a significant leap forward in accessible travel solutions. The company has already made a considerable impact on the travel industry with over 40 virtual tours for major railway operators such as Greater Anglia and West Midlands Railway.

Their meticulous approach is evident in the integration of advanced accessibility widgets, journey planners, and audio scene guides within their virtual tours. These features ensure that the user experience is not just seamless but also richly informative. From providing expansive views of station facilities to highlighting assistive features, the Virtual Tour Experts enable travelers to navigate and access essential services with ease.

As they continue to innovate, Virtual Tour Experts’ dedication to inclusivity and accessibility remains a beacon within the industry. With a robust portfolio and an unyielding enthusiasm for devising creative solutions for travelers, the company is uniquely positioned to redefine the way we interact with travel destinations globally. Their ability to blend cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of diverse traveler needs suggests a future where virtual tours will play a critical role in making travel experiences universally enjoyable and accessible. This synergy between innovation and empathy sets the stage for an evolution in travel technology, one that prioritizes the user experience and ensures that travel is a pleasure available to all, unbound by physical limitations.