VisualCortex & Axis Communications to Unveil Groundbreaking Video Analytics at ASIAL 2023 Security Expo

by | Aug 25, 2023

VisualCortex, a well-known developer of computer vision software, is generating excitement as it prepares to present its groundbreaking video analytics solutions at ASIAL’s Security Exhibition & Conference 2023. In collaboration with Axis Communications, VisualCortex is set to revolutionize the video analytics field at the region’s largest annual surveillance technology event, taking place at the Sydney International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Attendees can expect the unveiling of VisualCortex’s innovative solutions, including people counting, pedestrian analysis, Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR), vehicle counting, traffic analysis, and AI-powered face-blur capabilities.

The partnership between VisualCortex and Axis Communications exemplifies their shared dedication to transforming the video analytics industry. Wai King Wong, Regional Director for Oceania at Axis Communications, emphasizes the importance of effectively analyzing and responding to events within physical spaces. By using VisualCortex’s advanced technology, organizations can gain valuable insights and drive impactful business outcomes.

One of the conference’s most anticipated events is a panel discussion featuring VisualCortex CEO and Co-Founder, Patrick Elliott. This session will explore the use of artificial intelligence to address real-world customer challenges. With his expertise and industry experience, Elliott is expected to provide valuable insights on integrating video analytics capabilities into business strategies.

Key topics of exploration during the panel discussion will include distinguishing use cases that require advanced video analytics solutions from those that do not. Organizations must understand the varying business impacts of video analytics technology and establish appropriate benchmarks for return on investment. This knowledge allows them to extract lasting value from their investments.

The conference will also delve into legal frameworks, industry regulations, and organizational policies related to data analysis and privacy. VisualCortex is committed to responsible data analysis, ensuring the protection of individuals’ privacy rights. By addressing these considerations, the conference aims to foster an environment that prioritizes ethical and compliant utilization of video analytics technology.

In addition to showcasing their advanced solutions, VisualCortex aims to engage conference attendees and Axis clients by offering them the opportunity to win a complimentary computer vision Proof-of-Concept (POC). This opportunity allows organizations to firsthand experience the stability and flexibility of VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform, which seamlessly transforms video assets into analyzable data streams.

Supported by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), the conference serves as a platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovators to share insights and explore the potential of video analytics in various contexts. By defining the benefits and insights that organizations can expect to generate from this technology, the conference aims to drive widespread adoption of video analytics solutions across industries.

The selection of VisualCortex by Axis Communications to showcase their solutions further solidifies their position as a trusted partner in the video analytics space. This collaboration not only highlights their technological prowess but also demonstrates their commitment to delivering practical solutions that align with customer needs.

As the conference approaches, anticipation grows for the enriching discussions, informative sessions, and interactive exhibits that will shape the future of video analytics. VisualCortex’s presence at ASIAL’s Security Exhibition & Conference 2023, alongside Axis Communications, promises to drive advancements within the industry.

In conclusion, VisualCortex’s participation in ASIAL’s Security Exhibition & Conference 2023, alongside Axis Communications, is set to make significant strides in the field of video analytics. The event will provide a platform to showcase their comprehensive solutions and engage with industry leaders. As organizations seek to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and data analysis, VisualCortex’s advanced technology offers stability, flexibility, and valuable insights that drive lasting business value. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness the future of video analytics unfold.