Watford Council Invites Residents to Shape Bike and Walkways via Virtual Reality

by | Sep 3, 2023

Watford Borough Council is starting a new project to involve residents in planning and developing the town’s cycling and walking infrastructure. They are partnering with Digital Urban to promote sustainable transportation and give residents a virtual reality (VR) experience where they can explore and give feedback on proposed improvements.

The VR experience will be free to use and will allow visitors to virtually navigate the town and experience new cycleways and enhancements. With realistic sounds, lifelike people, and 360-degree views, the VR experience will be exciting and informative for people of all ages.

The main focus of the VR experience is the eastern part of the Green loop, a proposed route that aims to connect 6.7 miles of green spaces and heritage assets in Watford. This ambitious project aims to create a seamless network, linking schools, workplaces, shops, train stations, parks, and open spaces.

Using VR technology, the council hopes to educate and inspire residents about the benefits of improved cycling and walking infrastructure. Councillor Ian Stotesbury, who is responsible for transport and sustainability, believes that the VR experience will be a powerful tool to engage residents in discussions about improvements.

To ensure as many people as possible can take part, the VR bike ride will be available at the Big Sports event in the town center on September 9, followed by Oxhey Activity Park the next day. The council has set aside time from 11 am to 5 pm to give residents plenty of opportunities to participate.

Watford Mayor Peter Taylor is excited about this new initiative, which offers residents a unique chance to experience and shape the town’s cycling and walking improvements. He believes that the virtual reality experience will encourage more people to choose cycling and walking as their preferred modes of transport.

The council is committed to sustainable transport and has ongoing efforts to improve cycling and walking infrastructure. Proposed improvements include widening and resurfacing existing cycleways and footpaths, improving cycle crossings at important junctions, and adding clear markings and signs along the routes. These developments aim to create a safer and more efficient network for cyclists and pedestrians.

The VR experience not only helps residents understand the benefits of sustainable transport but also ensures that their opinions are taken into account in the planning process. Through this innovative initiative and other forms of consultation, Watford Borough Council actively involves residents in shaping the future of the town.

The virtual reality bike ride is an inclusive and pioneering approach for Watford residents to participate in the planning and development of their community. By immersing themselves in the proposed improvements, residents can give valuable feedback that will shape the final design of the cycling and walking infrastructure.

So, save the date and make sure to visit the Big Sports event in Watford town center on September 9 or Oxhey Activity Park the following day. Join us in the virtual reality experience, have a great time, and contribute to the future of sustainable transportation in Watford. The council and Digital Urban are excited to see you at this interactive event!