Westfield Stratford Unveils ‘Horizon of Khufu’: An Exciting Virtual Reality Journey

by | Oct 29, 2023

Westfield Stratford mall will soon unveil its latest attraction, Horizon of Khufu, which takes visitors on a virtual journey to Ancient Egypt. Developed in collaboration with VR studio Excurio and Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian, this groundbreaking VR experience combines advanced technology with captivating storytelling.

Launching in early October, Horizon of Khufu offers a 45-minute expedition to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Visitors will have a 360° view of the pyramid, revealing ancient ruins and allowing them to explore the secrets of Ancient Egypt.

This immersive experience offers visitors the chance to crawl through burial chambers, witness mummification ceremonies, and navigate the Nile by boat. The level of detail and historical accuracy in this VR adventure is unparalleled, providing an educational and awe-inspiring journey into the past.

To make it accessible to all, Horizon of Khufu offers discounted prices for NHS employees, carers, and groups of more than four people. This ensures that people from all walks of life can experience the wonders of Ancient Egypt without spending too much.

Already receiving global acclaim, Horizon of Khufu now gives Londoners the opportunity to witness the grandeur of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This VR experience taps into our curiosity about history and offers a unique way to engage with ancient civilizations.

The collaboration between Excurio and Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian guarantees authenticity and historical accuracy in Horizon of Khufu. Visitors can be confident that they will be fully immersed in the ancient world, making this VR experience an unparalleled journey through time.

Westfield Stratford’s decision to host Horizon of Khufu demonstrates the mall’s commitment to providing unique and innovative experiences for its visitors. By blending entertainment with education, Horizon of Khufu offers an opportunity to explore history in an interactive and engaging way.

As the VR industry evolves, experiences like Horizon of Khufu push the boundaries of what is possible. The ability to witness the wonders of the world through VR technology brings history to life in an unimaginable way.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply curious about the ancient world, Horizon of Khufu at Westfield Stratford promises an experience like no other. This immersive VR journey will transport you to Ancient Egypt, allowing you to witness the grandeur of the Great Pyramid and explore the secrets of this fascinating civilization. Don’t miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary expedition through time.