Grace Wang Joins NJ State Court AI Committee as Tech Advisor: Fostering Law-Tech Synergy

by | Dec 17, 2023

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner of the New Jersey State Supreme Court has appointed Grace Wang as the technology expert for the New Jersey State Court Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee. This appointment highlights the growing importance of technology in the legal system and represents a significant step towards integrating AI into the legal profession.

As the director of NJIT’s Center for Artificial Intelligence Research, Wang brings expertise and knowledge to the committee. She expressed her honor and enthusiasm for contributing to the committee’s vital work, acknowledging technology’s crucial role in shaping the legal landscape.

The committee consists primarily of judges and attorneys and aims to explore policies and practices related to AI in a legal context. Given rapid advancements in technology, it is necessary to adapt and integrate these advancements into the legal framework to avoid problems.

One area the committee focuses on is disclosing AI usage in court submissions and testimony. Wang and her colleagues will discuss effective methods to ensure transparency and maintain the integrity of the legal process while considering AI’s impact on legal proceedings.

Wang’s appointment brings a fresh perspective to the committee as the sole academic appointed by Rabner. With her fascination with the law and expertise in AI, she is a valuable asset in helping judges and lawyers understand AI’s role in the legal system.

In addition to disclosure, the committee addresses issues like dealing with fake evidence created by advanced technologies. This proactive approach by legal professionals shows their commitment to anticipating and mitigating potential challenges posed by AI.

New Jersey is not alone in recognizing the need to explore AI and the law. Other states, including Connecticut, Florida, and Texas, as well as the American Bar Association, are also studying how to handle AI in law and litigation. This widespread recognition reflects technology’s growing impact on the legal profession nationwide.

The committee consists of 31 members, representing a diverse group of legal professionals who embrace new technologies and acknowledge AI’s transformative potential. Wang’s appointment adds an academic perspective, complementing the practical experiences of judges and attorneys.

The committee’s work goes beyond legal professionals, aiming to provide guidance for self-represented litigants and court users. This ensures individuals navigating the legal system without legal representation have the knowledge and resources to effectively engage with AI-driven processes.

Wang’s reputation and contributions in the field of AI have not gone unnoticed. She recently became the first woman at NJIT to be recognized as a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), highlighting her expertise and accomplishments.

Wang’s appointment signifies a significant step forward in integrating technology into the legal system. The collaboration between legal professionals and technology experts like Wang will shape policies and practices that leverage AI while upholding justice.

In a rapidly evolving world, it is crucial for the legal system to adapt and embrace technological advancements. Grace Wang’s appointment and the establishment of the New Jersey State Court AI Committee reflect a commitment to ensuring the legal profession remains at the forefront of innovation while maintaining the integrity and fairness of the legal process. With Wang’s expertise and the collective efforts of the committee, the legal system is poised to navigate the complexities of AI and harness its benefits effectively.