Strivr Leads the Way in Corporate Training Innovation with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

by | Dec 17, 2023

Strivr is changing how Fortune 1000 companies develop their employees by using Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create immersive and effective training. Led by CEO Derek Belch, Strivr is a leader in VR training, taking advantage of advancements in hardware and AI that have made VR technology more accessible. The company’s VR training software development kit (SDK) is popular among Fortune 1000 companies, establishing Strivr as a trusted industry leader.

Notably, Josh Bersin, CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, has endorsed Strivr’s end-to-end platform for enterprise VR training, showing the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and state-of-the-art training solutions. Strivr’s technology has facilitated over 2 million enterprise VR training sessions, demonstrating its effectiveness and scalability.

Strivr integrates AI-powered conversations into training experiences, using large language models to enhance the immersive training content. This combination of AI and VR training has proven to be more effective than traditional learning methods, as confirmed by Angus Stevens, CEO of Start Beyond. In partnership with Start Beyond, Strivr aims to provide benefits like shorter onboarding times, faster staff proficiency, and lower training costs.

Strivr’s success goes beyond partnerships and endorsements. The company has received recognition from esteemed organizations like Brandon Hall’s Excellence Awards Program, further establishing its role as a leading provider of VR training solutions. Strivr is dedicated to advancing the adoption of enterprise-grade XR technology through a partnership with the XR Association, a collaborative effort to promote immersive training across industries.

Major enterprise users like Walmart and Bank of America have experienced the impact of Strivr’s VR training solutions firsthand. These success stories provide concrete evidence of the effectiveness and scalability of Strivr’s technology in real-world settings. By offering efficient and immersive alternatives to traditional training methods, Strivr’s VR suite is the preferred choice for Fortune 1000 companies.

Strivr’s commitment to collaboration is demonstrated through its partner program, which brings together like-minded partners working with large companies. This collaborative approach ensures that Strivr remains at the forefront of the XR community, constantly innovating and optimizing immersive training experiences.

The growing interest in immersive training among enterprises is driven by the availability of XR hardware options from industry giants like Apple, HTC VIVE, and Meta. These advancements have accelerated the adoption of VR training solutions, with Strivr leading the way.

Woolworths, a leading retail firm, has embraced Strivr’s VR training capabilities and has provided training to over 40,000 employees. This successful collaboration highlights the potential for large-scale implementation of immersive training across industries.

Strivr’s global reach is expanding through its partnership with Start Beyond to scale its immersive platform for Asia-Pacific (APAC) users. This collaboration aims to bring the benefits of immersive storytelling and AI-powered training to a wider audience, enhancing training opportunities throughout the region.

Looking to the future, Strivr is set to become a leading provider of VR training by 2024. With its commitment to optimizing immersive training and driving enterprise XR adoption, Strivr is shaping the future of corporate training.

In conclusion, Strivr’s innovative approach to VR and AI training is transforming how Fortune 1000 companies equip their workforce with essential skills. With its comprehensive platform, strategic partnerships, and industry recognition, Strivr is leading the way in immersive and effective enterprise training.