DATAFORT Fixed the cost of backup with Bytebaq Professional

by | May 6, 2010

Bytebaq Professional Ends the Uncertainty Around Backup Bills and Offers Resellers Near-Effortless Revenues

DataFort, the innovative developer of data protection managed services, today unveiled Bytebaq Professional, an offsite backup service that automatically protects all the data on a workstation, laptop or server for a fixed yearly fee which is currently the lowest in the industry. With Bytebaq Professional, support staff is made more efficient by removing the need for endless checks of the backup sets; in a corporate environment, Bytebaq Professional makes it possible to monitor company-wide backup activity without leaving your desk. And as costs are fixed the service also eases the IT budgeting process, while increasing data protection by storing information offsite in one of DataFort’s European datacentres.

Bytebaq Professional changes offsite backup in two critical ways: 1) the cost is fixed per machine regardless of the amount of data to be secured.; In the case of servers this is based on the size of the server’s hard drives. But no matter what the yearly subscription fee will always be much smaller than competing options, and 2) the service backs up all the data on the source device: this way customers are not under pressure to only protect critical data to lower the associated cost. In addition, Bytebaq offers all the features organisations have come to expect from a professional backup service: for example multiple backup sets, USB disk recovery for faster data retrieval, 256-bit AES encryption and advanced compression algorithms.

‘Just like VoIP systems have changed the payment paradigm for voice communications, Bytebaq Professional has changed the payment paradigm for offsite backup,’ said Marcie Terman, business development director at DataFort. ‘Bytebaq is a strong proposition for both end users and resellers because without any sacrifice on performance its financial model offers both a highly competitive price and nearly effortless revenues. The split between the actual service and the support allows our resellers to enjoy higher margings while DataFort focuses on providing a secure, stable and flexible backup platform. . As storage and transmission costs have plummeted, the costs associated with customer service have increased.

Bytebaq Professional allows resellers to take efficiency to a new level; while DataFort handles the backend, the partner can focus on reselling the service either as a standalone offering or as an element of a larger support service. ‘Bytebaq Professional will encourage end users to abandon support-intensive tape backup,’ continued Terman. ‘And it will be much more profitable for our channel partners than supporting organisations reliant on ‘DIY’ offsite backup, giving them a significant competitive edge.’

Bytebaq Professional’s resellers will have the choice to either charge their customers directly or to have DataFort manage the payment process; for any customer brought online by a channel partner prior to 30th June 2010 DataFort will apply an additional discount of 30% on the wholesale price. This means a reseller could secure all the data on a customer’s laptop for a mere £28 a year wholesale, or the data on a one-terabyte server for just £315 a year wholesale. The service will be demoed at Channel Expo in London on 12th and 13th May 2010, where DataFort will also be showing the Hi-5 High Availability Service aimed at larger enterprises with more demanding data protection needs.


DataFort provides dependable and secure data protection services that offer enterprise-level functionality with a focus on security and reliability. Its software and services are used by thousands of organisations worldwide, ranging from SMBs through to large enterprises and local government departments. Every hour of every day someone, somewhere backs up with DataFort. The company was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Guildford, UK and has offices in London and New York. For further information please visit or dial 0800 45 44 35.